Monday, April 4, 2022

An Arrival from Venus

Mailman delivered yet another package from Venus (the clothier, not the planet). 

I am a sucker for houndstooth and I could not resist adding this A-line houndstooth dress to my wardrobe. The only issue was answering the universal question of girls who order clothing online: Will it fit?

Out of the package, I had my doubts, but the proof is in the putting on the dress. So I slipped out of my boy lingerie and slipped into my girl shapewear to find out.

The dress is figure-hugging above the waist, then flares out below the waist “to create a flirty A-line silhouette.” It is short, falling about mid-thigh, but when has a short hemline ever stopped me before! The dress does not suffer from the loose button syndrome and its sleeveless sleeves are not an issue as I have thin lady arms. So the dress is a keeper and I hung it in my closet to wear in the near future.

The question is when is the “near future?”

I am still doing physical therapy with six more sessions approved by my health insurance, but I am very close to being ready to go out en femme. I am not high heel ready, but flats will work and I would like to go out about the time of my last physical therapy session.

Who knows? By then I may be high heel ready, but heels or flats, I’m going out and weather permitting, this confection from Venus will be what I will wear.

Source: Elle
Wearing Roberto Cavalli

Femulating at Tuntenball

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