Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Someday Funnies: “She’s” Convinced

Source: Shein
Wearing Shein

Veit Alex
Veit Alex, femulating womenswear model


  1. I thought for a minute "Georgette" was a young "Tiffany Michelle", but a look at her Flickr page dissuaded me. Still, Tiffany Michelle has been a gorgeous icon in the world of crossdressing for many years. I met her many years ago -- a real head turner!


    1. mikki this is almost certainly the same tiffany michelle who has compiled a comprehensive website listing cross dressers on celluloid (although to my recollection at least a couple are missing!):


      however, there do not appear to be any similar websites relating to the many cross-dressing appearances on the box (tv's on tv ho ho). i have toyed with the idea of creating such a compendium myself, but if you, stana or anyone else wishes to beat me to it, then feel free to do so (i would be happy to fill in any gaps)...

  2. I tried to google more about Veit Alex, but unfortunately almost all of it is German. I found this very interesting interview (you can find English subtitles in the "Setting" menu) and I must say the match of voice and face is very surprising!