Friday, March 18, 2022

Say “Cheese”

How many crossdressers does it take to change a light bulb?

Three – One to climb the ladder to change the bulb, one to hold the ladder and one to photograph the event.

Whenever I am out en femme, I bug people – friends, acquaintances and strangers alike to take my photo. My excuse is “to feed the blog.”

You readers want to see photos of girls like us out doing things in public, so my reason for getting photographed is legitimate. But that is only part of it; there are other reasons.

I like to see how I look in the photograph. Does the outfit I put together look good together or did I err grievously in my fashion judgment?

Do I pass as a woman? At least, if I pass in the photograph that increases my chances of passing in public.

And when I am not en femme, I like to have a photo on hand of myself en femme to remind me of the good days. That is why I had a photo on my desk at work of myself en femme.

(It is funny how nobody ever commented about the photo on my desk at work. Frequently, visitors to my cubicle would look over my shoulder at that photo, which sat on the desk behind me, but no one ever said a word. I wish I could have read their minds.)

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Rue La La

Glenn Tryon
Glenn Tryon (left) femulating in the 1925 film Madame Sans Jane.


  1. Wow, I had to look twice there. Although we bat for the same team now, you look exactly like one of my ex girlfriends. Great work sister ;-)

  2. Well, thank your friends and acquaintances from the rest of us then, that are inspired and supported by your posting.

    I have yet to master the art of asking people to take photos. So far only one photo exists of me en femme not taken by myself. And that was from 2005/6 and I had a beard (it was a plausible deniability situation). I have more self portraits these days, but none worthy of going in a frame just yet.

    1. I have asked many strangers to take my photo and have never been turned down. With the proliferation of cameras in smartphones, everyone thinks they are a photographer and are happy to use their photo "skills" to take your photo. Some strangers really get into it and insist I strike different poses. Lots of fun and affirming, too!

  3. Me too! And for ALL the same reasons. My girl friends have become so accustomed to the event that when we are wrapping up a coffee date or a trip to the thrift store, they usually remind me "We need a photo". Although, since I started on TikTok, I now find a need to shoot some video, too.

  4. Photos are definitely part of our culture.

    Everyday I look at my photos and get a good feeling to lift me up

    Another cute joke: I can you tell who the Femulator is at the family reunion?

    She's the only one who knows how to work the self timer on the camera!!!!!

  5. Wait a minute: it takes at least 4 CDers -- the fourth does the clothing selections and arrangements -- esp. shoes-- Deborah Sawyer

  6. Like my Daddy said, "You never know just how you look
    until you get your picture took".

    Stana is right on the button! I've never had anyone turn me down on a request to take my photo. Sometimes I can just fumble around with the camera and I'll get someone to volunteer to take my picture. That seems to be an area where people are generous. Or maybe they see themselves as the next Dorothea Lange.

  7. I looked up the film on IMDB, where they have a different shot of Glenn Tyron, also sans wig. That's no way for a Femulator to act! Playing opposite him is Fay Wray, later of King Kong fame and the woman with the greatest film scream of all time!

    Additional research finds a (bad, really bad) review of the film but a face shot of Tyron femulating -- nice! One more photo in of a lobby card And a site that tells me it's streaming in India, only to be told it's not streaming in India in the very next line.

  8. i also love to have my photo taken when out and about ~ and have never been refused when i ask for a hand taking the photo

  9. This little "Snap" I think is one of your BEST depictions, period.
    But what do I KNOW I only owned a photolab for ten years.