Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Today is International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day... a global holiday celebrated annually to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women. It is also a focal point in the women’s rights movement, bringing attention to issues such as gender equality, reproductive rights and violence and abuse against women (source: Wikipedia).

Doing my darndest to promote gender equality, admittedly from a different direction, how appropriate that today is also my birthday.  

Seventy-one years and counting. Lately, I have been feeling my age. My osteoarthritis has been a game changer. After five sessions of physical therapy, I see some improvement, but not enough to dare to go out en femme

At least, I still look a year or two younger than 71, so that thought improves my attitude. But I sure would like to be physically fit enough to go out en femme and flaunt those good looks! LOL

Although I am a little depressed, I am optimistic. So much so that I bought a new dress from Avon (see the Femulate Her slot below) that I plan to wear out real soon now.

Wish me luck!

Source: Avon
Wearing Avon

This Is The Army
Femulating in the 1943 film This Is The Army.
You can view this film containing femulators galore on YouTube.


  1. Happy Birthday! In my book you are just a youngster. I am 74 and thanks to Paulette I look and feel a lot younger. However, I do know what you mean about our health when we reach this age. I am grateful every day I continue to have good health and wish those who do not enjoy it some relief from whatever malady they may suffer from! The neat thing about you is though you have some health problems it does not keep yow from being cheerful and optimistic, which at our age is a gift!

  2. Happy birthday! And happy women's day, too. I hope you are soon well enough to go out again. Best wishes. Sue x

  3. Stana
    It is not unnusual Tgirls to look younger in female mode than they really are in male mode
    It does not endear them to non TG female friends if they look younger despite being older than they are

  4. Happy birthday! You look a lot younger! Hope your health improves so that you can go back on those heels that you mKe look good! Thanks for your blogging, first thing I read every day!

  5. Happy Birthday Stana,
    Cheer up; you will be out again soon.
    In any case, you don't need stilettos to shine. British pavements (Am. sidewalks) pretty much preclude the wearing of stilettos in town as the heels would soon get caught in the cracks and be ruined. Even without stilettos there are plenty of really stylish feminine shoes to chose from.
    Best Wishes,
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  6. Yes, let’s celebrate Woman’s Day, from all aspects of life.
    And happy birthday Stana.
    I am the same age as you, and that does bring some emerging physical challenges. But we work through them and try to be the best woman we can.
    You will look fabulous in your new dress.
    Have a great day; it will be the start of something wonderful.

  7. Wishing you a very , very Happy Birthday , Stana !!!
    <3 <3 <3 !

  8. Way to hang in there for another 12 months, Sweetie! I pray things will mprove soon.

  9. Happy Birthday Stana! Getting old is not all that it's cracked up to be - perhaps better than the alternative though... I unfortunately (my usual luck) have osteopenia which is making me feel more and more fragile. 🙁

  10. Happy Birthday! I forgot that we were birthday buddies. (46 for me today!) Thanks for being a beacon of light in this crazy internet world for all of us.

  11. Great looking dress. I'm betting it will look better on you than that skinny model. You'll bring a more rounded figure that's going to enhance the dress' appearance.

    I'm 80 and have been dealing with osteoarthritis for a few years now. It's in the base of my spine and I have a hard time standing still more than 10-12 minutes. Moving puts the pain off for a little while longer. Last week I went to the podiatrist in the hope he could fix a problem in my foot. Nope. It's that pesky arthritis again! It's in both thumbs/wrists and I regularly get cortisone shots to relieve it for a while. Put that together with Covid and Mikki was on the shelf for some time. But not at home! I almost always wear a dress or skirt with top around the house. And as Covid eased off a bit I couldn't hold Mikki off any more. I had to see the Trocs and worked through my problems. I stopped regularly when arthritis or my chest/heart pain got to me. So I didn't walk as far as I used to do. Ah, well. Mikki got out, had a great time and the long ride home allowed my various pains to ease. I just had to do it and I'm glad I did!

    And finally, "This Is The Army" is just a gift that keeps on giving! I dig out the DVD and watch it 2-3 times a year. A raucous British comedy, "Privates On Parade", has a gaggle of female impersonators in a WWII touring entertainment unit. Great fun.


  13. Belated (by one day) Happy Birthday Stana! Your blog is a wonderful gift to us all.