Friday, March 11, 2022

Someday Funnies

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Paris bar in 1927.
Femulators flaunting femininity in a Paris bar in 1927.


  1. the flapper fashions of the 1920's actually encouraged femulaters, in that breasts were flattened down and dresses did everything else possible to disguise rather than enhance the classic hourglass figure. yet it is interesting that several of those in the pic above are wearing clothing that harks back to an earlier era, where womanly shape was emphasised by corseted waists and full skirts - especially the one in yellow on the right!

    also: note the geezer on the left holding his hand up to hide his face - prersumably so his missus and others in his "straight" world won't recognise him in the photo? despite the supposed social advances made regarding transgenderism in more recent times, it seems some things never change!

  2. Ilike how the photo has been colored

  3. I love the alliteration! And I love those gorgeous ladies from the 1920s in Paris. They just remind us that ladies like us have always been around, and will continue, well, forever. Gina points out that the flat-chested look of the 1920s made it a little easier for our forebears to femulate, but when boobs and cleavage came back in style we always rose to the occasion. I'm thrilled to show off my "girls". I'm so glad that Stana continues to show us images from our past, and this photo is especially compelling. I like to think that in a previous life I might have been one of the girls in that photo -- one of the redheads, of course.

  4. Leslie LangfordMarch 11, 2022

    "...ladies like us have always been around,and will continue, well, forever..."?

    I agree with the first part, but as for the "around, well, forever" part...not if the U.S. Republicans have their say in the matter.😞

    And yes, Caitlyn Jenner...I'm talking to YOU specifically here. Time to pick a side. You can't have it both ways on this issue.

    1. Well, Leslie, in spite of your assertion,
      RICH, 'POWERFUL'(?) 'connected' individuals can do as they damn well as they please. Country clubs had liquor during prohibition, and they did not get any scrutiny from the Police. The working class 'speak easy' did not fare so well.

      Rules, morals-morality in general, cultural sensibilities, sexual sensibilities, ect.. were put in place to keep the 'middle' and more importantly, the 'working class' (read 'working poor')'in their place' so they can 'remain productive in their menial jobs' for the benefit of the wealthy. Surely, 'they will get "THEY PIE IN THE SKY!". The rich will get/keep their 'PIE' in Switzerland, The Caymens, ect..
      Leona Helmsley was right: 'Only LITTLE PEOPLE PAY TAXES'.
      The 'ruling class' is saying NOTHING about their 'own', such as the 'The Log Cabin Republicans'. or,
      For those who missed Rhonda's article on 'HIGH HEEL NEIL'.
      Take a read:

  5. Now, is that Barbara at the pump, or is Barbara the boss who sends the maid out?