Friday, March 25, 2022

Fun en femme

I love going out among the civilians. I especially enjoy going out among the civilians who know boy me, but not girl me. Their reaction when they realize who is the boy behind the girl is priceless.

After I retired, I had no where to go en femme on Halloween, so I decided to make the rounds of some of my regular haunts and see what transpires.

Hair Salon

I was on the road at 11 AM and made my first stop only 2 miles away at the hair salon where I have been getting my hair cut for over 25 years.

Two years earlier, I was getting my hair cut after Halloween and my hairdresser, Miss D, asked if I did anything for the holiday. So I pulled out my iPhone and showed her my en femme photo. She was floored and could not get over it, so I decided to let her see my femulation in person.

I entered the salon and Miss D greeted me without a glimmer of recognition. I played along and said I wanted to make an appointment with my regular hairdresser, Miss K. Miss D opened the appointment book and found an opening that I could fill, then she asked my name (to enter into the book).

When I told her my boy name, her jaw dropped and the “Oh, my God's” began flowing without interruption. Just then, another hairdresser, Miss C, showed up for work and she was flabbergasted, too.

Miss D had to return to her station to attend to a customer, but Miss C hung back and agreed to take some photos with my iPhone.


Next stop was my bank, where I usually do my business via the drive-through window. Since I was cashing a check and making a withdrawal, I would have to show my I.D. (my driver’s license) and there might be some confusion considering how I appeared, so I went indoors rather than driving through.

As I entered, I saw three women staffing the bank — I have done business with all three of them for a number of years, usually at the drive-through window and occasionally up front and personal.

I greeted the woman who was seated typing away at a computer in the cubicle just inside the bank entrance. She looked up from the computer and was clueless.

I smiled and said, “Happy Halloween! You may know me better as [insert my male name].”

I believe she heard me, but I think she could not believe her eyes and asked, “Who?”

I had to repeat my name a couple of times before it sank in and she said, “Wow — you look fabulous!”

“Thank-you,” and I proceeded to get into the line waiting for my turn at the teller, who greeted me with a big smile as I queued up. The third woman was staffing the drive-through window and did not seem to recognize me.

When it was my turn, I walked up to the teller, who greeted me so profusely that I knew she knew who I was.

“You look lovely today,” she said.

“You know who I am, don’t you.”

“I recognized you as soon as you walked in.”

There were no other customers in the bank, so my teller called over the other teller and asked her if she recognized me.

The other teller did not have a clue.

My teller tried to clue her in with this hint, “Who has a green car and always uses the drive-through window?”

The other teller was still clueless.

Another clue, “Who has a little friend (my dog) in the passenger seat?”

Still nothing!

My teller finally showed her my driver’s license and the other teller shouted out my male name followed by a series of question marks and exclamation points. She was amazed and gushed over my “disguise.”

I asked my teller if she would take my photo and she said she would love to do it, so I handed her my iPhone and she took a half dozen shots including the one above.

I said my goodbyes and as I passed the cubicle where the first woman was working, she stopped me and went on and on about how convincing I looked.

I mentioned how my wife always said that I would never pass because of my large size.

“Oh, no,” she retorted, “No one would ever guess that you’re not a woman.”

Source: StyleWe
Wearing StyleWe

Piotr Gawron-Jedlikowski femulating C.C. Catch on Polish television’s Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo (Your Face Sounds Familiar). You can view this femulation on YouTube.


  1. I understand exactly how you felt, I also I have a special kind of joy when I interact with civilians that know my male side, I think it has something to do with Acceptance and validation, and it’s just plain fun to get all of those positive comments

    I had two incidents just like the ones you described I did post them on femulator a few years back one was at a Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through that I went to every day they got a big kick out of me, it was just what I needed before going out for a whole day of shopping lunch and socializing with friends. The next one was when I visited a thrift store that I went to every week as my male self. this was a place where every week I would buy at least one or two pieces of women’s clothing I have been coming in for over a year and they never really questioned, when I came in and introduce myself she was floored and so polite and so complementary, the best part was the next week when I came in as my male self again and they were just effusive about how feminine and natural I looked it was a great experience

    I also want to comment on the Polish femulator here today oh gosh I wish we had this television show in the United States what fun it would be

  2. There was an attempt to do an American version of Your Face Sounds Familiar back around 2014. It was called Sing Your Face Off (what an awful name) and it was hosted by John Barrowman. Only lasted 6 shows, one season and never renewed. I think the only femulations were of Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj.

  3. Stana, I absolutely LOVE these stories! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the way the Eastern European femulators get to do those big production numbers. They clearly like their female impersonators way better than we do here in the USA. I looked up C C Catch, and Piotr does a great impersonation of her with her current "Big" hairdo. With hair that big, both of them could fit right into Baltimore, "the big hairdo capital of the world". Ha!

  5. Stana, I wish I could pull it off well enough to squeeze out even one story like yours. One of your Femulator cartoons describes me perfectly: there's a saleslady and a customer in a dress. The saleslady says, "It says, 'I'm crossdressing but not passing'". But when I'm Mikki I'm all the way in, passing or not.

    My favorite story about going out and seeing someone I know is a night I saw a play about drag queens called "Dorian's Closet". I got dressed very well, and my padding was nicely in place. I was showing plenty of boobs with the help of my low-cut dress and my trusty push-up bra. My stylist gave me a very feminine hairdo (my own long hair) and I had a terrific makeup artist paint my face. My nails were perfect. I walked past a theater critic I know from Center Stage in Baltimore (I'm a docent and have led tours for her students). I'm all done up and walking and she says, "Hi Mike". I sat my Mikki self down next to her and her husband and chatted until the person with the seats next to her arrived. Judy (the critic) complimented me on my pretty hair and I was off to my seat to watch the play. I did notice Judy taking a peek at my cleavage, but she did not comment on my girls. So much for passing. But it's a fun story and after the show when I met a friend in a CD/TG friendly bar I couldn't wait to tell her all about it. We both had a good laugh!