Monday, March 21, 2022

Monday, Monday

Getting Better All the Time Dept.

After nine sessions of physical therapy, I am starting to think that getting back to normal is a possibility. There are a few things that still need work, but I felt so good by Friday that I resumed my daily walks in the woods. I only walked 0.57 miles and it took me twice as long as normal, but it’s a start and I hope to be back in my stilettos real soon now. 

I also lost 10 pounds during the past month. Basically, I stopped eating in between meals because getting up out of a chair is still difficult – so difficult that I rather remain seated rather than get up to get a snack! I did not intend to lose 10 pounds and I now weigh less than I ever have as an adult.

Not a Civilian Dept.

I don’t have to tell you that if you are a repeat femulator, the civilians will catch on and assume you are trans-something. For example, five consecutive Halloweens at work en femme and most of my co-workers knew that something was up and no one was surprised when I finally came out.

So I suspect that when a young man participates in his school’s womanless beauty pageant on three occasions that he might not be a civilian. Such is the case of a three-time pageant contestant who you can find on Pinterest (photos above).

Browsing Pinterest last week, I discovered yet another appearance of the same young man! This latest discovery (below) fills the timeline between the second and third photos above. 

So that’s four womanless beauty pageants he participated in that we know of.

And so it goes!

Source: Elisabetta Franchi
Wearing Elisabetta Franchi

1960’s femulator
A 1960’s femulator enjoying a makeover at a beauty salon.


  1. Like MOTHER, like SON/DAUGHTER!
    Thanks for keeping up with this wonderful famil
    Are there any published stories available?

  2. Son: "Mom I am not dressing up like a girl again I REFUSE!"

    Mom: Please?

    Son: Well okay if you insist! But just this one last time!!!
    When can we go dress shopping I saw the prettiest gown online, I'll need shoes, can I get make-up lessons and I'll have to practice weeks in advance, not that I want to or like this type of thing....

  3. All kidding aside you have to wonderful what was going on here with this young femulator, was it unspoken between the two? Is she trans and came out to Mom. Was it Mom I like it bit don't tell anyone?

  4. Just make sure that 10lb stays off

  5. I've been watching this young Femulator for a lot of years. Stana, I have to give you the eagle-eye award for spotting her. I had assumed she only had photos taken with Mom. And Mom, it occurs to me, seems to be getting younger, or at least not aging at all. Is she somehow stealing her young Femulator's youth or is there a Dorian Grey portrait in her attic???

  6. Pretty young woman. Lucky girl having a supporting mom.

    But nicer for me, as more in line with reality, is the photo of the woman in the beauty salon. It is so nice to be able, en-femme to use a salon. Mine is getting more money from me for pampering, hands feet and face than are dress shops.


  7. Thanks for the Beauty Shop Pic!!!

    In 1965, just after my boobs stopped growing, I was in a Womanless WEDDING AS THE Mother of the Bride. That Saturday afternoon we went to a good friend of my Mother's Beauty 😍 Shop in her Basement where she Bewitched her magic on Me! (Loved it).

    Then She drove all of us....Mom Grandma, her daughter and 'Sara' to the Fall Middle School Festival. That was on of my best days and nights at School.

    Now the Prom years later with her Daughter is another loooong story.



  8. Hi, Stana,

    You compiled all the femulations from yearbooks on Flickr recently ( ). Good job.

    The problem with other pictures is that they almost all come from Facebook, but they are popularized on Pinterest. But the scourge of Pinterest is that nothing is identified there. Pictures are just "dumped" on there on boards labelled as womanless, but with no titles or descriptions or links.

    I am finally fixing that. I am nearing completion of my Pinterest board called "properly identified womanless pageants". The gurl you featured in this post, as well as thousands of others, will finally be properly linked to the Facebook page or pages where she appears, once my Pinterest board is done (soon). Check it out: .