Monday, March 28, 2022

More Fun en femme

On Friday, I wrote about my Halloween visits to my hair salon and bank. Both visits left a lasting impressions, as I found out when I subsequently visited the salon and bank in boy mode.

Hair Salon Visit
Hair Salon Redux

Thursday, I had an appointment for a haircut at the salon I visited en femme on Tuesday. My hairdresser, Miss K, was off on Tuesday, so after she seated me at her station, she said, “I'm sorry I missed you on Tuesday. The girls said you were beautiful.”

So I immediately retrieved my iPhone and showed her the photo that Miss C took on Tuesday (photo right)

She took my iPhone, examined the photo closely and remarked, “You look like a businesswoman.”

“That’s what I intended.”

“And you do look beautiful!”


Back to the Bank

Later, I went to my bank to withdraw money to buy groceries. 

My teller (Miss K) was the first woman I saw walking into the bank on Halloween. The other two women staffing the bank were not working when I visited the bank en femme. One (Miss C) is the teller I often deal with at the drive-through window. The other (Miss L) is the branch manager, who refinanced my mortgage. So they both know me well as a regular customer.

Miss K handled my withdrawal and then she brought up the topic of Halloween. She said my “costume” was the best she had ever seen. Then she asked me if I had a photo on my iPhone so she could show Miss C.

Of course I did and she called Miss C over to see my photo. Needless to say, she was floored. Then she asked Miss L if she had seen my Halloween costume photo.

Miss L replied, “No, but I heard about it.”

Evidently, my costume was the talk of the bank staff. (I dress to impress!)

I showed Miss L my photo and she was amazed, too.

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor

Hilmar and Christian Dubois
Professional femulating twin brothers Hilmar and Christian Dubois, circa 1967


  1. Dress to Impress

    Four inch or higher

    ofCourse !

  2. Stana, you're such a traditional gal! Still dealing with bank staff. Since ATMs first appeared I've been doing my business away from banks. On occasion, I have checks that I cash -- for cash. When I walk into a bank I hardly know how to act. I've heard stories about the bank ATMs filming and watching the customers. For a long time whenever I was Mikki I made a point to withdraw some cash and give them something to look at. Ha!

    1. Yes - I am old school... very old school. LOL

    2. When making two 'drive thru' deposits- one each for Mr and Mrs Dinkley, I got a very nice "Thank You Mrs. Dinkley'."
      Who needs an ATM?

  3. I remember seeing Hilmar and Christian on TV. Impressionists used to get occasional slots on the plethora of variety shows back in the 1950s and 1960s. Dinah Shore was apparently a fan of female impersonators as she had the twins on a couple of times. There was T.C. Jones who appeared on Steve Allen at least once and George Kirby, who was an incredible impressionist was on several shows, mostly on Ed Sullivan. Kirby only did spot-on impressions of women, mostly singers, but never in drag. His features were quite femme, nicely arched eyebrows, and I wish I'd had the opportunity to see one of his shows. I'm betting he appeared in drag. Interesting how those of us into drag and crossdressing have "Trans-radar", isn't it?

  4. Stana, please share your dry cleaner and grocery store experiences. No need to hear about the mailing of a letter unless its engaging with USPS counter staff.

    When I first ventured out and about it was getting gas, getting cash from the ATM and mailing a letter until I was confident enough to go to the mall enfemme.

    Civilians in boring jobs are just waiting for us gurls to drop in and say Hello


    Christian was listed.
    My first visit to this site

  6. I would love to wear the Ann Talyor dress and heels at home and be so comfortable in my femininity in warm weather soon , but so many people would be very much offended .