Saturday, March 5, 2022

Superficially Yours

In her post on Friday, Hannah McKnight wrote, “I would love to hear something you love about yourself, something that you love about who you are. I want to hear your shallowest, most superficial thoughts.”

Naturally, I could not resist such an invitation and I submitted the following as a comment to Hannah’s post.

I love carrying a designer handbag. Any thoughts about me being a guy are swept away by a bag hanging from my limp wrist.

Don’t know if I have Gynecomastia or not, but I do know that I have breasts that are large enough to fill a size 42B bra without inserts, pads or any other assistance. And when I slip on my bra, I love finding those two perky mounds on my chest (it never gets old).

Mom had shapely legs. When she worked in an office before she married, her nickname was “Legs.” Like mother, like daughter, I inherited my mother legs and a transman once dubbed me “Leggy.” I love being my mother’s daughter.

Of course, “Legs” loved high heels, always wore them when she went out and she owned a closet full. Again like mother, like daughter, I love high heels, always wear them when I go out and I own a closet full (over 100 pairs).

I love being a feminine man. When I am en homme, it can be a hindrance, but it works so well for me when I am en femme that I would not have it any other way.

Making up my face is something I always look forward to. I love the process, the tricks, the shortcuts and especially the results. After I do my makeup, slip on my wig and look in the mirror, it is always an aha moment! (Yes, I am a woman.)

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Wearing Rene Ruiz

Hannah McKnight
The always lovely Hannah McKnight

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  1. I, too, love my nice little breasts, though I don't really think of them as "perky". Maybe it's because I'm such an old lady now, who knows? But I do love having them and pretty much always wear some sort of bra, whether I'm in Mikki or Mike mode. Around the house, which has become most of the time these days in Covid-mode, I go with whatever women's clothing I pick out. Today I'm n a Venus sweater with a 40C Avenue very plain bra. I choose it because I like to see and feel my nipples throughout the day. Yesterday I wore a low-cut Venus sweater, so I wore a push-up bra. I love it when I go by a mirror and see my cleavage. My "girls" were on display when I picked up some food via a drive-thru window. I saw the man sneak-a-peek. What fun.

    I could go on about other items, but I really have the most fun with my bras. Yes, I was destined for boobs, as both sides of my family have gynecomastia. But being on a prostate-shrinking drug for a few years put "icing on the cake" for my breast growth. As my "girls" grew I experimented with all sorts of bras to see what those marvels of engineering could do for/with my breasts. There are any number of push-up approaches the bra engineers have invented over the years. I have some that give me just a little decolletage and I have one that's a real whopper! Whew, look at those boobs!!Some of my bras give me just straight support and others seem to give me a nudge that makes my "girls" seem larger. And, finally, I have one of those infamous bullet bras! Talk about squeezing my "girls" into a cone! If only my GP doc hadn't taken my off those prostate drugs when he did, and I was getting close to C cups! I wouldn't need that little bit of padding to fill out my "rocket tits". But they still look pretty good in my 1950s dresses! I just have to take care not to poke someone's eye out! I do have fun with my "girls".