Friday, January 28, 2022

Fitting In

When my company was bought out by another company, a reorganization followed resulting in my boss (a male) reporting directly to a female about 20 years his junior.

It was no big surprise since my company was “old school” with very few females in charge, whereas the new company was more progressive with many females in charge in various departments.

One month in, there was a lay-off. My boss was let go. A male and a female co-worker in my department were also let go. Another reorganization followed and my new boss was now a female about 20 years my junior. Also they hired back the female co-worker who was let go, but none of the males were rehired.

My profession was a male bastion for ages. Now my department was run by a female and most of my co-workers were female.

When my profession was a male stronghold, the females in my profession tried to fit into the “old boy’s club.” In most cases, they wore little or no makeup, their hair was in a short style and they wore tops and slacks – never a skirt or dress. Their only feminine accoutrements were a purse and maybe some stud earrings.

As my profession became a female stronghold, the old boys were gone with the wind and the women were empowered to dress anyway they pleased. Skirts, dresses, slacks, heels, flats, whatever they felt comfortable wearing.

I thought about trying to fit in with my female co-workers and my female superiors were on board. But then I received an offer to retire that I could not refuse.

Who knows if I would have gone to work en femme in order to fit in if I had not retired? I’d like to think that I would have, but I’ll never know.

Anyway, a week after my last day at work, my female superiors (my supervisor and manager) took me out to dinner to celebrate my retirement. I was the first to arrive at the restaurant and was seated at our reserved table in the bar. I ordered a drink and waited for the girls to arrive. 

About 15 minutes later, I saw them enter at the opposite end of the bar and I could see that they were looking around the room trying to find me. As they got closer, I waved and caught their attention. 

When they recognized who was waving, they both squealed with delight and were happy to see me presenting as a woman. They both complimented my presentation and admitted that if I had not waved, they would never had found me.

I guess I fit in, better later than never.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing St. John

Genoa, circa 1960.
Italian girls femulating in Genoa, circa 1960.


  1. Leslie LangfordJanuary 28, 2022

    I was no stranger to this type of Corporate blood-letting during my years in the private sector...first the mergers and/or acquisitions followed immediately by the "one big happy new family" mantra to make it all look good, but then soon to be followed by the inevitable staffing rationalizations and downsizing to force the anticipated efficiencies of these mergers. Of course, being old white guys (read: "dinosaurs") and part of the alleged all-powerful, exclusionary patriarchy, we were the first ones to have a target on our backs because we didn't fit into this "woke" New World Order.

    Good for you in being offered an early retirement and escaping the indignity of a termination, unlike your hapless former boss.

    I suppose that as crossdressers we might have had an opportunity to save our careers by offering to play for the other team (so to speak) had the stars been in alignment for such a possibility. A tempting thought as you so wistfully mused, but wouldn't that have just made us tokens for the sake of reverse "political correctness"? No easy path forward in any of this...

    1. As we ALL have seen or experienced the 'dog eat dog, turn and churn of the slaves', I now wonder how 'the corporate state' is NOW fixed for COMPETENT, WILLING WORKERS, considering that so many slaves have jumped the slave ship...

  2. Wow Stana. The basis for a good Fictionmania story is what you just wrote.

    Angel Amore

  3. Perhaps Stana would have fit in better than Stan?

  4. That's a lovely memory, Stana. Do you know if your coming out to either colleague affected their views or experiences around folk like us? Just curious.

    1. All I know is that both were very supportive of me and one had a child who may be trans.

    2. Than you and good to hear that they were d very supportive. While most folk seem to be, there's always the odd one or two.

  5. These days I feel that if you are comfortable you fit in, I don't think there are that many places left with strict dress codes that go much beyond "Smart casual". When I first started work it was a contractual obligation that men wore a suit and tie, women were just required to be smart businesslike.

    These days it's just about half of my wardrobe that I don't fit it!

  6. Stana,

    Contrary to Leslie's views, I am old enough to remember a time when women were not allowed to be in charge. I am thankful that the world awoke to the incredible abilities and opportunities women bring to the table (including, increasingly, women like us). I do feel bad if a particular boss lays off older people (regardless of gender) due to misplaced priorities. Yet, how wonderful it is that you were able to experience for a time fresh new ideas in a new style of environment. I think you would have had a memorable time working as Stana; a pity that the economics were not there for you to make it happen.

    You look beautiful in that photo, working girl!


  7. I worked the majority of my career for female bosses and fit right in - go figure... My first one was certifiably insane but at least treated her staff equally in her insanity (my first "real" job). I outlasted her and worked for several more female bosses whom I truly respected and enjoyed working for. Would things have turned out differently if I were the stereotypical male? I do not know but I can certainly guess after 40+ years of experience...

  8. Stana, you have told us this story before, and I never get tired of hearing it. This would be such a fantasy in my world, something to read on a tg fiction site. I love that it actually happened and I thank you for sharing your experiences. Please keep them coming.

  9. how very very AMAZING ,MARK.X

  10. Since you and I come from the same industry I can definitely back you on it being an "Old Boys Club" (to the core)! But wouldn't it have been great if the corporate culture would have changed earlier in our careers where presenting as a woman would have not been a big deal. It sure would have made those boring and overly long afternoon meetings better!