Saturday, January 22, 2022

Someday Funnies: The Original Drag Race

The Original Drag Race
Circa 1962
When “femulators” were called “transvestites”

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Joanne Askew after a fabulous makeover at Arpi‘s Salon on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia


  1. Todays post reminds me of 'Monty Python's Flying Circus', and their version of a DRAG RACE. ;-)
    I first saw this sketch on our local PBS affiliate circa 1970 when I was about age 17.
    The fact it was broadcast in the traditional south astounded me, and I waited for the journalistic 'fur to fly'....
    Then a strange thing happened-- nothing!
    Apparently, the rest of the town was watching "Hee Haw". And apparently the local PBS had a broadcast radius of 6 miles...
    I tried to locate 'the drag race' but could not.
    Anybody know of this?

    1. I saw Eric Idle and Dan Aykroyd do it on SNL in 1976. Here is the link. The skit begins at about the 48 minute mark. By the way, it is preceded by another drag skit.

  2. Eric Idle was on the show that week -- of course there was a Monty Python influence! The drag race was more fun than the Twit race IMHO. Ha!

    I'm an old-timer and was a proud "transvestite" for a long time. I remember reading a book that called us "Eonists", after the Chevalier D'Eon. That would have required both a definition and a history lesson, so I preferred "transvestite". But since then name changes have been the thing. I kinda like "crossdresser", and hope it stays in vogue for a long while, At least I don't have to define it like when I'd say, "Transvestite" and people would say, "What"? "Crossdresser" defines itself.

    1. The UK's Beaumont Society take their name from one of the Chevalier's several titles. (I have a copy of the biography, 'The Maiden of Tonnere'.)
      Eonism seems to have dropped completely out of use as a term

  3. And they were good lookingvand beautifully presented!