Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday Femulations

I had a Zoom meeting en femme on Tuesday, so before the meeting, I had an opportunity to model the two dresses I recently Christmas-gifted myself from Venus.

The pleated turtleneck sweater dress is perfect for this time of year in frigid New England and it fits me like a glove. I like it so much that I have the same dress in black, too.

In the past, I avoided turtlenecks because it was difficult to put one on without smudging your makeup. 

One solution is to get dressed first and then do your makeup with a towel or some such over your shoulders to prevent makeup crumbs from messing up your clothing. I tried that once and it worked, but keeping the towel in place while applying makeup was a pain. 

Another solution, which I now use, is to put a plastic bag over your head after applying your makeup and slip your bagged head into the turtleneck. Works like a charm.

The animal print ruched dress is very sexy and shows off all my curves. It is also mid-thigh short, but short hemlines have never stopped me before! I will wear it to the next cocktail party I’m invited to.

And, yes, I am wearing a new hairdo: Maura from Paula Young. 

And, yes, I know it is an inexpensive wig, which runs counter to my recommendation not to go cheap when buying a wig. It was a spur-of-the-moment purchase – what can I say?

Speaking of wigs... 

I was watching Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC yesterday and fell in love with her new hairdo. And I wondered if I could find a wig like her new do. 

After a little Googling, I found a Raquel Welch wig (Upstage) that is a reasonable facsimile of Andrea’s hairdo (see below). Upstage is available in a large cap size, which makes it even more attractive, but I am a little hesitant about making the purchase because it is expensive, but that has never stopped me before! 

And so it goes.

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Helene Tagada
Helene Tagada, a Femulate reader from France


  1. Stana -

    I wear the Upstage, and I love it. Since I'm wearing it 5 days each week, I have to replace it on a 3-4 month basis, as I'm always getting tangles I can't remove. But I'm hard on my wigs, and consider it an acceptable expense. (Could you imagine what I'd be spending on Human Hair wigs?!?! I've discussed that in my blog a long time ago.)


  2. Stana,
    I love both of your new dresses and how they show off your figure.
    And your “bag over the head” idea seems to work; albeit don’t breathe in while you are pulling on your dress, it could be your last breath.
    Take care,

    1. Thank you, Jocelyn.

    2. My mother used to do the trick with a very thin foulard covering all of her head and face. She didn't suffocate that way... unfortunately she uesd to smoke about 30 cigarettes a day so... :(

  3. Love the blue, both the color and the cut. You have the figure of a much younger woman. One point - shoes are part of the outfit, and we do not see them...

  4. Great looks Stana. Both dresses and new wig are perfect on you.

  5. I do like the Maura wig on you and would buy it myself, bat alas, Paula Young makes wigs for average sized women's heads or pin headed sized heads of crossdressers. My melon sized head is a definite no go. Boo hoo for me, so I buy from other purveyors catering to "big boned" gals. I do like Paula Young hair and pricing though. I can't understand why they are leaving so much money on the table by not including the transgender market.
    Please explain ?

    Angel Amore

    1. For what it's worth, I have a big head. Hat size: 7-1/2, circumference: 23-1/2 in or 60 cm and the Maura fits fine. Some Average size wigs are big enough, some are not, and Maura is the former.

  6. how AMAZING the dresses look ON YOU .Mark.x