Friday, January 21, 2022

Friday Femulations: Update

Regarding today’s Friday Femulations post, Fiona commented, “Love the blue, both the color and the cut. You have the figure of a much younger woman. One point - shoes are part of the outfit, and we do not see them...”

So as not to disappoint, here are photos with shoes (Payless Christian Siriano Habit nude pumps).


  1. oh my God, you didn't have to... I just meant maybe think of it in future pics...

  2. The leg lovers are going bananas right now!

    The new 2022 Stana presents...........


  3. I own those shoes in several colors. I really miss Payless. Their new site is a shell of the old one. There were quite a number of their brick and mortar stores her in the Houston area. They were practically giving shoes away in the last days before they closed. I purchased a dozen pairs my last trip at $2.00 each.