Wednesday, January 5, 2022

No Way to Femulate

By Jenny Shaw

Christmas and New Year’s are already a passing memory! 

On Christmas Eve, I celebrated a year of living openly and predominantly as Jenny and it’s been absolutely wonderful – so many new experiences and so much acceptance and affirmation from friends old and new. 

One new and unexpected experience took place on 10th December. I had driven to a nearby village to accompany some carol singing for elderly residents. I had just tuned my guitar when I had the most awful tummy pain and broke into a massive sweat that thoroughly soaked my clothes and wig.  

A friend, who is a retired doctor, insisted that I be taken to the local hospital. I was duly driven there by his wife, interrupted by a short stop for me to be sick en route. Following a CT scan, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis caused by gallstones. I was then taken by ambulance to the County Hospital in Lincoln (UK) where I was put in a single-bed room and a gang of nurses helped me to defemulate. My sweat-sodden clothes, wig and prosthetics were stuffed into a plastic bag and all I had to remove my makeup were wet wipes – not very efficient! In the end, the irreducible minimum of outward femininity were my red toenails! 

I was there for nine nights, the first eight in a private room. It was some time before I realized that the private room had been assigned to me out of consideration for my transgender status.  Furthermore, although the paperwork was all in my male name, I was consistently addressed as “Jenny” throughout my stay - even after several days of facial stubble had accumulated.  

I have to return for two follow-up appointments in the next few weeks, but for simplicity will go in male mode.  I can happily report that the contents of the plastic bag were all restored to A1 condition after I returned home. Also, despite feeling under par, I did manage to spend a very lovely Christmas with some of my family.

It was a new experience en femme, but not one I would have chosen! However, as an object lesson in how the NHS in the UK treats transgender patients with respect and consideration, I couldn’t be more impressed or grateful.

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  1. That is marvelous. I have found that most of the locals do not make notice of my "fem" attire, tho it is limited. I stay with leggings and such, but get no static.

    Continue on with your presentation as it appears to be accepted by the Civilians.

  2. I can echo Jenny's comments about the NHS, Like people in general I have always enjoyed support and acceptance. That is apart from when it comes to actually treating us for our dysphoria! The waiting times before seeing a specialist are measured in years, there will then generally be a further wait before hormones will be prescribed, then another wait before any surgery might be available, even if there were enough surgeons practising in the speciality.

  3. Sorry to hear you were so ill, Jenny. However, how awesome were the NHS staff?

  4. Echoing others to say sad that you were ill but so pleased to hear how affiming the process was!

  5. I, too, had a bout of Gallstones and Pancreatitis over the holidays several years ago. No fun, particularly watching the hospital scramble while on holiday staffing (at least here in the states. They never DID find the admissions Ultrasound they took.)

  6. Hi Jenny, Your story was so meaningful and I am happy to hear it had a good outcome, even though I am sure it impacted your Christmas celebrations. I am particularly pleased to hear the medical profession in the UK is so responsive to girls like us! Now if that would just translate to other areas of the world. Happy and healthy New Year! Paulette

  7. Stana

    Your StyleWe pic started a song running in my brain...
    By the Hollies : Lovg Cool Woman ��

    Not 5' 14"

    A pair of 45's made me open my eyes
    My temperature started to rise
    She was a long cool woman in a black dress
    Just-a 5'9, beautiful, tall
    With just one look I was a bad mess
    'Cause that long cool woman had it all

    Nice Art Work.......

  8. Thank you for all your kind words - Jenny