Saturday, January 1, 2022

Someday Funnies: The Ultimate Femulation

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Long-time Femulate aficianado Mindy


  1. Very pretty, where did you get that beautiful dress?

  2. Femulating pregnancy is quite niche, but there are a few who do. Natsumi Umino in Japan is probably the best known.
    Happy New Year Stana,
    Penny from Edinburgh.

  3. If you like good beer, getting a bump like that is no problem
    Getting rid of it is

  4. I've a TG friend, over the age for normal maternity, who, encouraged by me bought a baby bump and new maternity clothes to do pregnancy/maternity. We went out together quite a number of times. A lovely day starting in Harvey Nichols, a very upmarket London department store and then a visit to the Royal Academy summer exhibition. I enjoyed being with my "wife" and she said it was a wonderful experience. She is the perfect woman anyway, but the way she was viewed and treated, especially by women was so different.

    i wished I could have done it, but when I was thirty years younger. I have pictures but can't post them. Yes, Natsumi Umino id good, but Caroline superb as all was done in the real world.