Wednesday, December 1, 2021

A Fix

Writing about my recent day out, I mentioned that after losing 25 pounds, my feet are now smaller (by a half size or more). During my day out, my feet were swimming in shoes that used to fit fine and after awhile, they hurt badly.

I fixed the problem temporarily by stuffing facial tissues into the toes of my shoes so that they fit tighter, but I needed to do something permanent to fix the problem since I have about 100 pairs of shoes that were now too big.

Searching Amazon, I found two products that proffered help: Adjustable Toe Filler Inserts and Half Insole Shoe Fillers. I ordered both and tried them out as soon as they arrived at Femulate Headquarters.

The Adjustable Toe Filler Inserts approximated what I did with the facial tissues stuffed into the toes of my shoes. However, these were adjustable by removing a strip of foam in the center of the Toe Filler Inserts. Also, you can adjust them further by trimming the inserts with scissors. For very oversized shoes, you use these inserts as is. For shoes that were oversized, but not by a lot, you remove the foam strip. For shoes just slightly oversized, you trim the inserts as needed.

The Half Insole Shoe Fillers fit under the toes and ball of the foot and basically lift that part of your foot upwards to fill the empty space the shoes.

Both products require no adhesives and are washable and reusable.

I experimented with a pair of slingback 4-inch high heel pumps and a pair of 3.5-inch high heel pumps (the pair I wore out and about that day). The slingbacks required the most tightening and I used the Toe Filler Inserts as is along with the Half Insole Shoe Fillers. The 3.5-inch heels required less tightening, so I removed the foam strip from the Toe Filler Inserts and did not use the Half Insole Shoe Fillers. In both cases, the shoes were tighter and fit like Goddess intended.

I imagine that these two products individually or in combination will fix all the oversized shoe problems in my wardrobe.

Source: Elisabetta Franchi
Wearing Elisabetta Franchi

Femulate reader Connie ready for a night out with a friend.


  1. Wow that Elisabetta Franchi dress is gorgeous. US $645!

    I use back heel pads to keep me from walking out of some of my shoes. They work well on non-flexible shoes like wedges.

  2. Why are you wrecking your feet with heels ?

    1. As my post indicates, I am taking precautions to not wreck my feet.

  3. Imelda Marcos! Well, not quite but getting up there.

  4. My problem is that finding a size 12, wide shoe in stock. I have some nice shoes but too often they're just a bit snug and I'll have blisters.

  5. If you're in the USA, try they have a surprising number of 12W shoes online. Wait for one of their sales -- they occur on a regular basis.

  6. You can also use adhesive pantyliners to fill up space in shoe toe boxes. They work well, absorb perspiration, prevent slippage, and in my experience the adhesive is removable.