Monday, December 13, 2021

I’m Kneedy

I messed up my knee last week while on my daily hike through the woods. The hiking path is ankle deep in leaves now and the nooks and crannies that I normally sidestep are hidden. So I stepped into a hidden nook and my knee suffered as a result.

As a result, I had to forgo two outings this week: an outreach session at a local high school today and a Christmas dinner near Philly on Friday. I may recover by Friday, but RSVPs were due last week, so I erred on the side of caution and sent my regrets.

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I love the sentiments of this captioned image. I don’t know if the caption was really written by a femulator's spouse or is a total fake, but I like it nevertheless.

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Many of you have sent your images to be posted in the Femulator slot below. There is no deadline for sending me your pix, so please do so if you haven't done so already. But please note that I am posting the images in the order received and the backlog is such that images I receive now will not be posted until next month. But the wait is worth it!

Source: Rue La La
Source: Rue La La

Nicole “Nikki” Windsor
Femulate reader Nicole “Nikki” Windsor out and about in her backyard.
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  1. YOU KNEED A BRAKE (brace)
    Sorry to hear about the 'knee blowout'.
    I have done this a bunch of times, the earliest time was about age 13, and there is no pain quite like the 'ortho guy' draining the fluid from the knee capsule with a HUGE needle.
    If you dont already have a knee brace-- now is the time to invest in something like this:
    I prefer the ones with the upright hinge on BOTH sides of the brace. You need all the stability you can get-- dont risk another knee twist while hiking irregular terrain.
    Immobility at our ages is a REAL KILLER!

    This whole incident reminds me of the Advil commercial where the lady turns her ankle while wearing heels...
    She could easily be 'one of our sisters' just trying out her heels in public for the first time......

  2. Thank you (again) for honoring the average, everyday Lady with your Femulator Of The Day highlights. When my photo was posted I felt like "I Made It!" And knowing that others would see it and perhaps be encouraged to get out, express who they are, and live all aspects of their life - wow. Love you, Stana! Keep up the Good Work.

  3. i have an online sissy friend and we are forever assigning sissy tasks to one another, like wearing female attire, going to a gay bar, joining and posting to specific forums... i agree it does take a lot of courage to go out dressed as gal, sissy, slut etc., but i sure do enjoy it.

  4. Hi Nicole , I like seeing you , very pretty dress .