Thursday, December 16, 2021

Someday Funnies: It Suits Me

Source: Chicwish
Wearing Chicwish

Allison, another long-time Femulate reader, enjoying the great outdoors.


  1. Michelle EdwardsDecember 16, 2021

    That's an outstanding photo, look and attitude. Brava!

  2. Allison , you look pretty , love seeing you .

  3. A silly Someday Funny, a fabulous Femulate Her outfit, and a beautiful Femulator! You hit the triple whammy with this post:)

  4. If some one obeys the dress rules to the letter, like Stanley, how much can they get away with?
    For example do they say that a man cannot wear a skirt?

  5. Allison, you're absolutely fabulous in that photo! And, coming from a natural redhead, (yes, still plenty of red even at my old age) RED is always the best choice! It puts the "absolutely" in your "fabulous"!

  6. this is not any kind of criticism of allison, as i think she looks utterly fantastic. however i recently bought a pair of heels practically identical to hers, and although they otherwise looked (and felt) fabulous i felt some slight concern that a gap could be seen between the inner shoe and the arch of my foot.

    i notice a similar thing here, so at least i am not the only trans person with that "problem". but i am wondering if it is due to men's feet being slightly different to women's feet in some way, and wearing such shoes designed for the "opposite" gender will result in that gap accordingly?