Saturday, December 4, 2021

Someday Funnies: Stanley’s Secret

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Moda Operandi

Michelle Rose
Femulate reader Michelle Rose at the Grand Canyon
“Not the best climate for wearing makeup, but what can you say; it’s hard to be a woman.”


  1. Ms.Michelle Rose: I'm not sure what the climate was like when you were at the Grand Canyon but I can identify with your statement about the climate being a challenge to deal with as a woman. Girl, I live in a area of the county where the climate is hot, humid and wet most of the year. Every day is a challenge to your femininity in every way you can imagine unless you are a beach girl. For beach girls it's usually either a one or two piece bathing suit you have to decide on for the most part.

    My biggest challenge for the new year will be taking the next step to achieving total femininity daily in every area as a mature woman by publicly femulating the first time. I plan on doing this with at least two other ladies in another location outside of where we all live. Afternoon out and about with my new girlfriends maybe even going to a male strip club, You never know!!! Hugs & Kisses, Ms.Missi.

  2. Dear Stana ,
    I opened the door.
    I see there are doors as it were for many of us and for a very few of us there is a Transfeminine door . Some of us will just crack open that door and get a glimpse inside and close it and lock it because what's inside is Repulsive . But then a Very Few of us will just close the door lightly and quietly and try to forget what's inside because it's not accepted in Society , but later in life I still remember what's behind that door and reopen it and walk in and in a rush , Most Willingly become entrenched in trans-femininity and just as in a "Cinderella Story " the " glass slipper " is a perfect fit , and now I secretly try on nylons , dresses and heels and I now know ( " I'm Not in Kansas Anymore " ) , but I can pull it off the slipper but now know it fits for sure Perfectly . Now the insatiable desire to dress Transfeminine can be Truly Excruciating but because of my Christian Faith it would be selfish so I resist dressing and keep it to a very bare minimum so as not to upset my wonderful SO .
    So having a light frame which can be more feminine than masculine I will never learn the secrets of applying makeup or go out shopping with other T-girls nicely dressed as an attractive older lady in a conservative dress and heels .

  3. Ha ha... true on the dressing! sara

  4. i wear lifelong SKIRTS DRESSES HIGH HEELS ....and pretty LINGERIE...because i AM a Woman (with a bit bigger clit)