Monday, December 27, 2021

Miss Eng’g: Blast from the Past

A Miss Eng’g Contestant
Femulate readers may be familiar with the fabulous Miss Eng’g (Engineering) womanless beauty pageant at the College of Engineering, University of Philippines-Diliman. I have written about the pageant in the past, but not so much lately.

Over the weekend, a former pageant contestant commented on a Miss Eng’s post from 2011. Since most current readers will not see that post or the recent comment, I am repeating it here.

Anonymous left the following comment:

I always wondered if the “girls” were experienced in dressing before the event, or did they do this for the 1st time. I remember reading an article about one of the girls and their girlfriend helped them out, but looking at some of the girls they are quite experienced looking.

Our weekend commenter responded:

I was a Ms Engg contestant myself but in early 2000s. I wore my female cousin’s 18th birthday gown. It was very uncomfortable because the dress was so tight I almost couldn’t breathe (my mother made me wear a girdle (?) because I had beer belly for me fit into the gown). Not to mention walking/standing on heels. I had fun though as it was my last semester of uni so it was like me saying goodbye to college life with a bang.

Lucky guy!

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Marian Andersen
Marian Andersen, a Femulate reader and femulator


  1. There is no way the girl in the picture of Miss Engg is a civilian. You don't get to look like that without lots of practice.

    1. She is not atypical of Miss Eng’g contestants. Check out the posts at this link and you will see many outstanding Miss Eng’g femulators.

    2. So Stana, are these students gay or trans or is it just a competitive spirit that brings them to this?

    3. Paula - Probably gay or trans or competitive spirit.

  2. Happy Holidays Stana

    You rock in Polka Dots hihi

    Did a survey not show engineers were more likely to femulate than accountants?


    1. I know many people in engineering who femulate, but no accountants. Attorneys are another popular profession for femulators.