Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Yes, that's me!

When I saw this image on Pinterest, I thought that there was a lot of truth to it.

When I am not presenting as a woman and I see another woman who has her act together, I admire her, but I am jealous, too --- jealous that I am not dressed like she is.

High heels always does it for me. In my opinion, if a woman is wearing heels, it is likely that her overall appearance is pulled together.

So whenever I hear the clicking sound of high heels, I look to see where the sound is coming from and I am usually rewarded with the vision of a well-dressed woman. Then I become envious and wish I was in her shoes literally.

I also get crabby when I am in boy mode, but when I present as a woman, I am relaxed, comfortable and generally happy.

So I will admit it: I am a girl!

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper

Cyrsti is a 70+ year old retired transgender veteran living with her partner of ten years in the southwestern Ohio. For the past seven years or so, she has authored Cyrsti's Transgender Condo Blog, which is updated nearly daily with trans opinion, news and personal insight. Cyrsti’s favorite photo comes from one of her favorite evenings, an anniversary Creole dinner with her partner Liz, who was so instrumental in helping her to come out and live full time as a transgender woman.


  1. Agreed. One of the hardest things about working at a law firm has been watching the female attorneys (especially on the days they were headed to court) dressed to perfection. Jealous best describes my feelings. Pandemic conditions have changed a lot, not the least being the office dress code. They are 90% in jeans and sneakers these days. ~~sigh~~

    1. if the legal profession had to rely on me for an income they would be dressed in rags, but having watched several slick american dramas on the subject over the years (LA law, boston legal, suits) and marvelled at the fact female characters wear mostly skirts and dresses plus minimum 4 inch stilettos (the latter all day long - even in the office) makes me wonder the following:

      1 - was real life in the states really like that prior the virus?
      2 - did any ever complain that they would rather wear a suit and tie and brogues, or at least a pair of sensible shoes?
      3 - were they aware or not of turning men on with their glamourous and provocative work costumes? and if so, making use of that in their job in court accordingly (specially when it came to influencing male jurors!)?

    2. gina v -
      1 - yes, it was. at least in our office it was
      2 - I never heard them complain
      3 - I can only speak for the women I work with, but I can say with some certainty that they DEFINITELY know how their appearance affected the men around them. To quote an old commercial, "She has "legs", and she knows how to use them"

  2. I "get it" Stana! It just seems to happen less and less nowadays as things continue down the casual slope. It's life though and (sadly sometimes) the times they change... ;-)

  3. Agreed. When I am not dressed I feel a bit crabby and anxious. And that intensifies if I see a lady on TV or out and about where they are dressed well. I absolutely get jealous!

    Julie, being in an office environment has to be tough. I absolutely LOVE a well put together skirt suit so seeing those on the daily....and not dressed that way myself would be difficult.

    -Christina Cross

  4. Thanks Stana so much for the comment!
    FYI...I could never turn down the chance for a shameless plug on such a fabulous blog such as yours.

  5. Hi Stana, I was curious about what you think of the word "sissy"? :) No judgment, just curious

    1. In my mind, there are two definitions for the word "sissy."

      1. an effeminate male (like me)

      2. a gay effeminate male (not like me)

      In the captioned photo above, I think that the first definition applies. However, because of the conflict in definitions, I do not use the word too often.

  6. I’ve known so many women over my lifetime who hate wearing dresses. They complain about “drafty” dresses, “itchy” pantyhose and “torturous” heels. These things give me such delight it’s hard for me to be sympathetic to their plight. The solution? Give EVERYONE the right to embrace or reject pretty feminine style. As a male, nobody’s going to give it me. I have to take it for myself.

  7. Raising my hand as another who gets crabby when it's been too long since I've been enfemme! To me, the only thing better than the sound of high heels clicking on the floor is looking down and seeing them on my own feet;) Thankfully today is a work from home alone day and my stilettos are on and I'm happy as a clam. Ugh...what's with the shellfish idioms?!
    Ciao! Elise