Friday, November 19, 2021


On Wednesday, I finally got out among the civilians – first time since the pandemic began! The main reason for my outing was to do outreach at a local high school with the Stonewall Speakers

I had to meet up with everybody at the high school at 2 PM. But I was ready early, so instead of hanging around the house en femme, I decided to go to a mall (Westfarms) that was near the high school. My wife checked me out before I left and informed me to fix my wig because there were stray hairs that were trying to get away! (Thanks, Honey.)

I drove to the mall and entered via Macy’s, briefly perused the dress racks, but I did not feel like shopping. I was hungry and felt like eating, so I lunched at my favorite restaurant in the mall Brio Italian Grille.

I had the “Sausage, Pepperoni & Ricotta Flatbread,” ate about one-third of it and doggy-bagged the rest of it home.

After lunch, I walked to Sephora to purchase some makeup. Shopping at Sephora was uneventful, but the walk to and from Sephora was interesting. A tall woman in a dress and high heels sure catches the eye of every male within the sound of the clicking high heels. I passed three groups of guys who I assume were spending their lunch hour at the mall and I distracted them from what they were doing. Not a discouraging word was heard, so I assume they like my shoes!

The issue of my weight loss reared its ugly head. My feet are smaller than they were 25 pounds ago and they were swimming in the shoes that fit in the good old days. By the time I left the mall, my feet hurt from wearing the ill-fitting shoes. I fixed the problem temporarily by stuffing facial tissues into the toes of my shoes so that they fit tighter, but I have to do something more permanent to fix the problem.

I drove to the high school and met up with the gender and sexuality club advisor and my fellow Stonewall Speakers, a gay man and a post-op male-to-female transwoman. There was an excellent turn-out, approximately 30 LGBT males and females.

Each presenter gave a brief biography. I went first and was a little nervous because it’s been a couple of years since my last outreach, but the students laughed when they were supposed to laugh and no one threw tomatoes at me.

After our biographies, the students asked questions that were different than the outreach questions I’ve heard in the past. The difference was probably due to the fact that these students have skin in the game, whereas the college students were attendees because it was part of a course they were taking.

After outreach, we mingled for a few minutes and a young lady made a bee-line for me to compliment me on my perfect makeup!

It was wonderful to be out en femme again and to do outreach. I will be doing outreach at a different local high school next month. 

Source: Eloquii
Wearing Eloquii

Longtime Femulate reader Nancy Ng attending the 2019 Christmas Gala of her Toronto area CD support group, Xpressions.


  1. looking Amazing,MARK.X

  2. Sounds like a fantastic out-reach session! And what a way to get back to it too. All power to you!

    Also, Nancy looks amazing!

  3. I was at the school when you were speaking, I’m one of the students, and just wanted to say thank you, your words were helpful to many :)

    1. You are very welcome, CJ.

    2. And it was a pleasure meeting you, CJ!

  4. Thank you for speaking at the school! I was a student there and your words were very helpful to me and many others :)

  5. Dear Stana ,       Your so very fortunate dining out and totally passing so well with no worries and also seeing Nancy Ng passing so superbly .

  6. Is your shoe fix - more shoes ? 😀

  7. I love the Eloquii 'Turtle neck sweater-scarf...
    very much like a Bolero sweater


  8. Is that a Venus cold-shoulder dress you are wearing in the picture? I have that dress too!

    1. Yes, Tina, it’s the Venus cold-shoulder dress!

  9. On Hose:

    Hanes Inc (just my size) has multi packs up to a dozen in a sales unit that does make pantyhose much less a cost burden. Even more with irregulars.
    As I rechecked the website today I ran across the posting below:

    ★★★★★5 out of 5 stars.
    Paul · 22 days ago COMFORTABLE
    very good fit and wears well. as a cd male they are comfortable all day