Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Someday Funnies: Rockette Man

Source: Paige
Wearing Paige

Jenny Williams
Jenny Williams' night in during COVID lockdown playing Mansions of Madness.
Jenny blogs at Jenny's Journey.


  1. Dearest Stana ,
    Though I have the dichotomy of my Christian faith truly forbidding dressing , so I keep dressing to a very minimal nonpublic level , my Natural Born Essence of Desires is being a lovely 60+ old transwoman and I like it when you post actual femulating sisters .

    1. Forbidden?

      This is a link sent to me from one of us....
      The link is to biblical/talmudic scholars discussing Joseph (the guy in the bible--'and his technicolor dream coat') in terms of femininity, high heels, ect...
      I estimate that Jesus, dressed in his own 'flowing robes' would NOT be riding your 'donkey' over such a low scale, essentially harmless triviality, compared to lots of other horrible, historical, demonic humanoids, doing far worse.
      Soooo, maybe your ought to ease up on your own 'donkey'...

  2. Hi Stana
    Thank you for featuring my picture.
    Unfortunately it's not my blog mentioned.
    My blog is
    Many thanks

    1. Fixed it, Jenny. I apologize for my error (the result of late-night, should be in bed and not blogging).

  3. Thanks for this one!
    Back in the Eighties I dated for two years a girl who was a Rockette and danced on Broadway for eight years in the late Sixties and most of the seventies, one heck of a Legal Secretary. Fond memories.