Friday, December 17, 2021

Baby Your Wig

You are lucky if you come by your coiffure naturally. I am not so blessed and depend on wig makers to complete my female visage. And I would guess that most readers of this blog are in the same boat.

Wigs are the most expensive item in my wardrobe, so I baby them. 

One thing I learned the last time I attended Fantasia Fair was that you do not use generic hairsprays on a synthetic wig. On that trip, I had forgotten to pack hairspray and first day at the Fair, I sashayed down Commercial Street looking for a store to buy hairspray. 

First stop was a hair salon where the proprietor warned me not to use generic hairspray on my wig – it would ruin the wig. I needed to use synthetic wig hairspray (they never taught us that at the feminization academy). I have used wig hairspray ever since.

They also did not teach us how to wash our wigs at the academy, but I came upon this article from The Wig Company that describes how to do it. So follow those instructions and be nice to your wig.

I mentioned that wigs are the most expensive item in my wardrobe. So while on the subject, I will repeat what I have said in the past: don’t go cheap when you buy a wig. Wear a cheap wig and it looks like you are wearing a cheap wig. Instead, shop for a wig that lists for approximately $200 and it will not look like you are wearing an expensive wig. 

For even more authenticity, buy a wig with dark roots. The average civilian will be fooled thinking no one would wear a wig with visible dark roots – it’s counter-intuitive. Dark roots prove that your wig is the real thing.

I follow my own advice, splurge on my wig purchases, get dark roots and over the years, I have received a lot of compliments about my “hair.” 

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Michelle, a Femulate reader with a Mona Lisa smile.


  1. A colleague at work said "your hair is a hat you wear everyday" - perhaps more true for some of us than others 🙂

    If I may add to your advice, a wig store can be a great place to try different styles, get advice, and have your wig styled by a professional.

    Yes, online purchases are cheaper, yet you may not be able to try before you buy and the personal touch of good customer service may be missing.

  2. Personal story. I met with an endocrinologist on Wednesday. She asked me if my "hair" was my own. My wig has dark roots and a lace front. So, Stana is absolutely right that a good wig can fool people. I am pretty sure that I bought if for about $250 (and, Stana, I do wash it with wig shampoo!)

  3. Washing your wig while wearing it?? Yuck! Why not just jump in the shower??!!?

  4. At the onset, I tried a variety of wigs that I bought online. I quickly discovered that I needed to get the more expensive wigs, still online, to get past the "He's dressed up for a costume party" presentation. I looked better, but the telltale signs were still there. I decided to do what Stana and Lisa P did and wrote. "Mikki's good wig fund" on my virtual piggy bank. I would not buy another wig from anyone but an expert. But then my heart problems caused a move to inside sales from face-to-face customer dealings. So I just said to hell with it and let my hair grow! That was close to 25 years ago and now my hair is down over my collarbone, where I like it. I do let it get longer, and donate a foot to the Locks of Love program every two years.

    The thing I really don't miss is that my wigs made me hot -- in the farenheit meaning, not, sadly, "hot" in the looks category.

  5. Stana -

    I agree with you about wigs. But how much is too much? I once had a friend (you've read the story about her in my blog) who was always pushing me to buy a human hair wig from one of those places that cater to ultra orthodox Jewish women, spending $3k per wig. I can't afford that kind of coin. But I can afford $250-$450/wig. And I will spend money on help from a wig store when needed.

    Yet, I have never had my wigs styled by a pro. Everything has been trial and error over the years. And I could have used a pro I could trust to do things at a reasonable price. Too bad I didn't find any....


  6. Dear Stana ,
    There is a reason you have 1069 followers , it is because it's Femulate which is to imitate , copy or try to be like a female ( basically ones feeling ), to be trans is just how one feels in their being , a place to indulge in ones natural born desires to femulate and so many followers love the non political non hateful atmosphere found here most of the time , which is unfortunately is found on other peoples hateful Blogs .

  7. Michelle EdwardsDecember 17, 2021

    What wonderful, intelligent, supportive comments. Stana keeps a good house, and I'm glad to have been admitted.