Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Number 1

Feedspot has selected Femulate as the number 1 Trans Woman blog from thousands of blogs on the web (ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority and freshness)!

Femulate was also number 2 on Feedspot’s Top 60 Crossdressing blog list and number 7 on their Top 100 Transgender blog list.

The news that Femulate is number 1 was a pleasant surprise. I am very proud of this blog and I am honored by Feedspot’s selection.

And so it goes! 

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Mach & Mach

I dislike online clothing websites that display their clothing on headless models. And over the years, I have discarded many otherwise deserving photos from the “Femulate Her” queue because they were sans heads. 

To correct this problem, I will now use my Photoshop skills to add heads to the headless. And whose head better to add than mine! So whenever you see me “modeling” in the “Femulate Her” slot (as above), you will know that the fashion photo was originally a headless shot.  

Seventy-one year old Femulate reader Fernanda del Mar Moreno on her last outing before COVID19 in front of my Haigh preparatory school in Mexico.

“In all my life as Fernanda, I have never been attacked or harassed by other people because of my femininity. They always treat me sweetly, I believe that 85% of the people I meet on the street or in the restaurant or in the cinema, think that I am a woman.

“I have felt my femininity since I was 5 years old. Worse – I have always liked women. I have been married for 32 years to a wonderful woman. I am a Scientific Researcher.

Here, you can read several stories I have written about my experiences as a female and others created by my mind. You can choose the language to read. If you want in English, you must choose inglés or English.”


  1. number 1 yes, pleasant yes, a surprise? never. Happy Christmas.

  2. Many congratulations on the acccolades. Sue x

  3. Congrats, Stana!
    And hey, I'm number 11 on the second list (Crossdressing blogs).
    Yay, us!

  4. Stana, I think you should lodge a protest, you should be Number 1 on all those lists!! Just kidding of course, honestly since I found your blog there are very few others I spend anytime reading. Your blog is always classy and informative as well as entertaining. Thank you for what you are doing and hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


  5. Congratulations! That is quite the honor!

  6. Congratulations Stana! You do a great job and deserve the recognition!

    As to Fernanda del Mar Moreno, she is truly a brave woman. Most people in Latin America are not as accepting and understanding as, say, here in Canada... the truth is that I never dared to cross-dress until I came in the 80’s, and didn’t go out dressed once whenever I traveled down there. Interestingly Mérida is in the Yucatán area, our favourite vacation place in Mexico.

    And to Fernanda, in case that see reads the comments sections: me han gustado mucho tu página y tus historias, aunque no muestra entradas en tu blog desde marzo del 19. ¡Felicidades!

    Anna María

  7. Many congratulations! These are very well deserved rankings.

    Thanks also for accepting contributions in both comments and written submissions.

  9. Stana!

    I have enjoyed every month of the last decades.

    Raise a Cheer for Your New Year !!!


  10. Congratulations Stana! Definitely a well-deserved honor.

  11. About the headless Femulate Her issue: Did you consider using Marie Antoinette's head? It seems a rather appropriate addition to a model whose head has been lopped off.

  12. Congratulations! A very influential and important blog in this space!

    -Christina Cross

  13. Sarah-LouiseDecember 23, 2021

    Congratulations Stana, and well deserved!!

  14. Congratulations Stana! A well deserved honor.