Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Woden's Day

Giving Thanks Dept.

I want to publicly thank my readers who have contributed to my Coffee Break fund. Your contributions help to keep this blog free of advertisements and gives me an incentive to keep on blogging. So, thank-you!

Google This Dept.

Recently, Mikki wrote, “I love all those clips from films you share with us. I have a bunch of TG/CD films and see items on Femulate that I haven't heard of. Do you have a special source for these photos/films? Can you share it with me?”

I replied, “Occasionally, readers alert me to femulations they encounter watching films and television, but I find most of them myself using Google.”

Google searches for “crossdressing films” or “drag films” sometimes turns up something new, but usually I use a femulation I know to bait Google into giving up other femulations. For example, if I Google “tony curtis crossdressing,” Google comes back with a load of images of Curtis and Jack Lemmon crossdressing in the film Some Like It Hotas well as images of other actors crossdressing in other films and on television. I will be familiar with most of Google's finds, but there is almost always an image or two I don't recognize, which becomes new fodder for the Femulator slot, like the film femulation below.

Meanwhile, the image at the top of the post is another Google find, but there was no information about its source. Looks like it's from a television show geared towards school-aged kids, but I could be wrong. Can anybody solve this mystery femulation?

My Quest Dept.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned that after my purge in 1983, I no longer owned a single photo of myself en femme prior to age 32... or so I thought.

Fiona reminded me that years ago, I recalled that there were photos of me en femme for Halloween at age 25 that appeared in my school's yearbook. The yearbook was lost in the purge, but you can read about my quest for those yearbook photos in this post from December 2011.

Source: Venus
Wearing Venus

Max Hansen (center) femulates Gitta Alpar (right) in the 1932 German film Die, oder Keine.
(View a pertinent clip from the film here.)


  1. Hi Stana, the show above you asked about was called California Dreams. It was on in the mid-90's about a group of high school kids that had a band. I vaguely recall this episode, and if I remember rightly there was a couple more of the male part of the band that went en-femme too. :-)

  2. Ms.Stana: The Movie "Rat Race" has a group of women who dress and act like Lucille Ball riding a bus together. One talks with the bus driver and during the conversation they lower their voice and everyone realizes that they are a CD.

  3. I know I've seen the California Dreams clip on You Tube, but of course now I can't find it! ~~sigh~~

  4. Stacy, The female impersonator in "Rat Race" is Christopher Peterson. He does uncanny impressions of famous women. He used to spend summers in Rehoboth Beach, DE, and his home base is the LaTeDa Club in Key West, FL. His husband became very ill a few years ago and Christopher curtailed his appearances away from home. He is very approachable and congenial. I've seen him many times, it never gets old.

    The really defining part of his act is never leaving the stage once his show starts. Christopher opens "dressed to the nines" for his first impression. There's a rack off to the side with lots of clothes on it. He does his character changes right in front of us! And all along he's doing his monologues -- and they're very funny. But the costumes come off, then on and after a short pause we see a totally different character when he turns around. Then he nails another impression!

    You can find him on YouTube and at the LaTeDa website.If you happen to see him anywhere near your location, run, don't walk to see him. Here's his link on the LaTeDa site -- Stacy, you'll like the photo!

  5. Thanks for the film clip, Stana. I also track down seemingly obscure links and find some interesting femulators. I'm curious about this film. Is Gitta Alpar a character for the whole film or is it a disguise? The latter seems to be the norm in films but every now and then we find a full time femulator. Perhaps my favorite example of this is in the Penelope Cruz film, "Woman on Top". Harold Pennairu, Jr is "Monica Jones", and she's played very well.

    Is it a great film? No, but it's a fun movie and we get to watch Penelope Cruz who is arguably the most beautiful woman in film! Watch the trailer in this IMDB link -- Monica Jones is lookin' good, too!

  6. Too bad she stopped posting. :(