Thursday, January 16, 2020

Dress Code

Seven years ago when I was still working, Human Resources sent an e-mail titled “Dress Code.”

We expect you to report for work in appropriate attire. The image projected by personnel is important to our company’s success. Even though we have adopted a casual dress code policy, you should exercise discretion in selecting clothes suited to a casual business environment.

For example, the following are not appropriate attire for an office environment:

•    Backless or see-through shirts and/or styles that expose the abdomen, excessive skin or undergarments

•    Ripped/torn clothing or jeans and low-rise styles that expose excessive skin/undergarments

•    Miniskirts/dresses, short shorts and cut-offs shorts

•    Stretch/stirrup pants/leggings unless combined w/mid-thigh length top

•    Visible foundation garments, low cut and/or suggestive clothing

•    Clothing that is unwashed or stained

•    Bare feet, over the knee boots and beach shoes (rubber flip-flops)

Ouch - My wardrobe resembles some of that banned attire!

Leaving work yesterday, I mentioned to the receptionist that I will have to start abiding by the dress code.

“No miniskirts for me tomorrow,” I remarked.

She laughed.

If she only knew!

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For today's post, I considered changing the Femulate Her icon to the Femulate Him icon because the model in the Femulate Her slot looks so boyish.

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I was unable to confirm that Linda Grant in today's Femulator slot is actually a femulator. She is quite tall and her voice is borderline feminine, but I could find nothing on the Internet about her. If you know anything about Miss Grant, please let me know.

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Price

Linda Grant femulating on a 1972 episode of UK television's Braden's Week.
(View Linda's appearance here; thank-you, Stephanie for this find.)


  1. No miniskirt for you and no over the knee boots for me.
    Boring office...

  2. I suspect that many of us have items in our closet that would run afoul of the printed dress code. It does seem that the code is unisex and that there were not two separate codes for men and women.

  3. Not much in the way of restrictions on the men! You might think men wrote the list??? But you could (should) have worn a tasteful skirt suit the next day and told the receptionist on the way in, "See, I'm following the dress code"!

  4. I have some white blouses that are *somewhat* see through (but not ridiculously so). I wonder what the threshold is. I always wear a camisole so it is respectful. I think it is respectful classic appearance. I think for the most part though that dress code is fine. - Christina