Monday, January 6, 2020

Go West, Young Woman

Since the demise of the Payless shoe store chain, I have received emails asking what do I do now to put new shoes on my feet.

I miss Payless. Their prices were very reasonable, they had stores everywhere and they carried shoes in larger sizes to fit ladies like us.

On the other hand, their sizes were inconsistent. I recall trying on shoes at a local Payless and finding shoes that fit me in three different sizes! That is not a big deal if you shopped in the store, but that made shopping online a crapshoot. Luckily, they had an easy return policy – you could ship returns back to Payless or return them to a local store.

Those days are gone with the wind. So, I took Horace Greeley's advice: Go West, young woman! That is, Go Nine West to be specific.

Actually, I have been purchasing shoes from Nine West for years; just not as often as Payless.

Nine West has a couple of things going for it. The quality of their shoes is very good, whereas the quality of Payless shoes occasionally failed. Their sizes are very consistent – I never had to return a Nine West purchase because the shoe size was unfit (or for any other reason). And like Payless, they have shoes for ladies with larger feet.

On the other hand, they have few, if any, local stores. (There was a Nine West store in a local mall, but not anymore). Also, their prices are higher than the Payless experience. But, they always have sales and I just wait to purchase that shoe to-die-for until it goes on sale.

And so my feet go.

Source: Nine West
Wearing Nine West

Massimo Bellinzoni
Massimo Bellinzoni (left) in the 1992 Italian film What A Night (Nottataccia).


  1. I too, was a Payless regular. If you know your brand (Brash, for example), you can actually get Payless brands on Amazon.

    Barbara Ann

  2. It looks like DSW took over the store that Payless had in Plainville. When I drove by the plaza last week I saw the DSW sign.

  3. Sally StoneJanuary 06, 2020

    Unfortunately for me, the Nine West selection is very limited in my size. So, I'm still looking for a Payless-like replacement. There are actually a lot of shoes available in my size (13), if I was interested in five and six inch heels. I love heels high, but not that high.



    1. I concur, the 'air gets REAL THIN' at size 13 at NINE WEST. Only 7 pair and one pair was athletic runners/walkers....
      The sizing at SHOE SHOW is real sketchy too. Size 14's boots wont fit as size 13, yet, some 12W's fit as size 13 just fine.
      I did write the company, which is just 'up the road' from me, and told them so, as well as offered them the possibility of "going the same way down the tubes" as PAYLESS as well as 'Pick n'Pay'. Both are gone the way of 'the dino'....
      OTOH, SHOE SHOW ships FREE if you purchase over $50.00 (so you DELIBERATELY over order!) and you can have the delivery sent to the store instead of the home if THAT is a problem.
      Returns to the store are never a problem, as I have made package pickups whilst 'enhomme' and later the same day, made the return 'enfemme' with NO PROBLEMS. The clerks were actually HAPPY TO SEE 'PLUS SIZED SHOES' come into the store inventory. Apparently they sell fast. Go figure!

  4. I've been rather fortunate. I'm a size 11 which, in recent years, has become much more common with many thanks to all the tall millennials out there. I've found certain brands are always a good fit and largely stuck with them ever since and so now I mostly mail order from DSW and Aldo.

  5. Lucky ladies! It would appear the dividing line between lots of shoes and not nearly enough is size 11. I'm a 12 and the pickings are not so good. Of course, I have an additional problem in that I had major surgery on my right foot and am limited to various flats and short, (very) fat heels and wedges no higher than 2". If the shoe has any semblance of slender heel, my fused by surgery foot can't maintain proper balance! Groan! And I used to zip around in 4-5" heels so well! Recently I looked into a DSW EMail about a big clearance sale. I did a search based on my criteria and got 2(!) hits! Ah, well.

  6. Stana, You were very helpful locating the last film in your posts. Is there a source for "Nottataccia"? I have a nice little collection of Trans'CD films and this one looks like one i'd love to add to my collection. Currently I can only watch Region 1 DVDs.

    1. I searched high and low and could not even find a trailer for "What A Night (Nottataccia)," much less the film itself.

  7. Thanks for the tip Stana. You should be on commission with Nine West as I am sure they are getting a surge of orders in large sizes. I just placed mine. Size 11