Friday, January 10, 2020

In my neck of the woods

Across the street from my home is about 5000 acres of forested land. Most of it is owned by a nearby municipality's reservoir company. A smaller portion is owned by a local hunting club.

Either way, I will never have prying neighbors living across the street seeing me leave or return home en femme. The woods also helps me maintain my girlish figure.

Most mornings this time of year, I hike the woods for an hour. All the vegetation is defrocked and the wetlands are frozen, so that makes it easier to move around. And the season is over for the game that the hunting club chases, so I don't have to worry about a hunter mistaking me for a dodo.

Hiking through the woods is much better exercise than hiking the local highways and byways, which is what I have to do when hiking in the woods becomes inhospitable. My body feels it after a hike through the woods... not so much after a hike on pavement.

Besides better exercise, hiking through the woods is more interesting. Occasionally, I encounter wildlife and there are the foundations of abandoned homes to explore. And there are some spectacular views in my neighborhood, which is the highest point in the county. There is one clearing where I can literally see the whole width of the state of Connecticut – from Long Island Sound to the mountains in central Massachusetts.

In the spring, I will have to return to hiking on pavement as the wetlands thaw out and the vegetation begins blooming. It is not as interesting as hiking through the woods, but it is less wear and tear on my high heels.

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Femulating in Weimar (pre-Nazi) Germany
Femulating in Weimar (pre-Nazi) Germany


  1. Lucky you with all that amazing woodland. I think it's great to get out into nature and exercise: not just your body, but there's something about forest that helps recharge us.

  2. Everything is better in heels

    1. Not walking in that! Heels on grass or dirt is NOT fun... especially for larger girls... the heels sink in the earth... heels are for hard surfaces....

  3. Diane SmithJanuary 10, 2020

    There is no way you could ever be confused for a dodo. A cute chick, maybe!

  4. You very fortunate to have all that forest across the street from your house. I'm green with envy. There are 640 acres to a square mile so you really have a spread of forest close by.


  5. Do you actually hike the woods en femme?

  6. Stana, we are creatures of nature and as such we need to be outside to exercise and recharge. When things get really stressful, I go for a walk in the woods as well and find a large enough tree to give it a good hug! I know this may sound silly but it's called grounding! It's the release of negative energy and a recharge at the same time.
    Also while nicely dressed 1930's femulators, it's rather obvious what they are by the lack of something obvious!

  7. Hiking in the woods wearing heels would be a dead giveaway
    It would attract too much attention as very few non tg women them on soft ground