Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Saturday morning, I stopped by my sister's apartment to drop off her Avon order and found her going through a box of stuff from my mother's apartment. (Mom died years ago, but only recently has my sister begun going through Mom's stuff.)

"Here – this is yours," my sister said to me and handed me a stuffed manilla envelope.

"What is it?" I asked.

I opened the envelope and withdrew its contents: five old dress patterns for styles from the mid- to late-1960s.

"What do you mean these are mine?" I asked.

"Mommy bought them to make dresses for you," she explained.


"She even made one dress for you – this one," she said, as she pointed to one of the patterns I held in my hands.

"She was going to give it to you as a birthday gift. But then she changed her mind because she didn't want to embarrass you."

(Note that although my sister and I are very close, she does not support me much on the trans front.)

"So, she knew," I replied.

"Dad knew, too, and he talked her out of giving the dress to you."

I always suspected that my parents knew and now my suspicions were confirmed.

"Wow! What happened to the dress?" I asked.

"I have no idea," my sister replied, "Let's change the subject."

I don't know what was the next subject because my mind was still on the dress my mother made for me and how my life might have been different if I had only confided in her.

(Caveat Emptor. This is a rerun of an old Femulate post about an event I had completely forgotten about in my old age.)

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Rob Stone femulating in a 1989 episode of television’s Mr. Belvedere. Watch it here.


  1. All I can say is "wow." It's a beautiful story. I have no proof, but I always felt my Mother knew. One of my two older sisters knows and thankfully has been supportive.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I wonder just how many others are in that same situation where "IF" we had only spoke up way back then, life might have been a bit different for us now.

  3. That was an amazing exchange of information with your sister on many levels. Like the old saying "Too soon old...too late smart"

  4. A beautiful story, that demonstrates how much your mother loved you. If only you had known then.

  5. A beautiful story but expectantly your mind went into contemplation on the what could’ve been. A mother’s intuition is a mystery but she loved you. Dad’s back then, there unfortunate position was a pity, but today would be different I hope. Either way, he was protecting you out of love too. Different times. Interesting mom confided in sis too.

    Which gorgeous dress was it?

    1. She made the blue dress with red bow pattern, however she made it with a white bow instead of a red bow.

  6. Too bad your Sister is still dealing with childhood wounds and seems resentful that your Mother made you a dress and maybe not her?

    I would think at this point in your lives she would be accepting and supportive of you


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    2. I doubt that my sister was resentful that my Mother made me a dress because my Mother sewed LOTS of dresses for my sister including a to-die-for prom gown. If anything, I was jealous of my sisters wardrobe.

      My take on my sister's attitude is that I was her big brother and the fact that I was also her big sister ruined my big brother image in her eyes.

  7. Rob Stone was cuter the year before in the fourth season opener, which was a much better episode overall.

  8. Holy Smoke!!!! wow!!!! she knew

    When you think about it, of she knew, as parents ourselves think about how well you knew you kid

  9. Rob Stone was definitely the cutest of that bunch!