Thursday, January 23, 2020

Rago Girl

I’m a Rago girl.

Rago bras and girdles are my favorite foundation garments. I have tried other brands, but always go back to Rago for the best hourglass figure that a boy can ask for.

On top, I wear Rago’s Long Line “Expandable Cup” Bra. It supports my girls, trims my midriff and is pretty, too. Also, it has a textured 2-inch elastic bottom to prevent the garment from rolling up.

Below, I wear Rago’s Extra Firm Zippered High Waist Long Leg Shaper or as I prefer to call it “girdle.” It fits tightly to give you the shape you desire, but it is still very comfortable – I can wear it all day (and I have). The girdle has a split crotch so that you don’t have to remove it when you use the little girl’s room, yet it is tight enough so that you can tuck those unsightly parts out of sight.

Fashionista that I am, I own a Rago bra and girdle set in both black and white.

The accompanying video will show you what Rago’s bra and girdle can do for you. I just wish they had used a girl like us to demonstrate the garments.

C’est la vie.

Soure: Rue La La
Wearing Tahari ASL

Sone Teal
Professional femulator Sone Teal, circa 1960


  1. Indeed Rago is the only foundation wear which works. I wear a Rago long line bra over a Rago high waisted open bottom girdle which has been let out at the hips. I want a bigger bottom not smaller! The bra and girdle are fastened together with 6 buttons and buttonholes to avoid ride up. I also wear large foam hip pads to make my bum bigger,have you noticed, woman are curvy!

    1. That's the thing--would I put my pads on over the girdle or inside it?

  2. Mr. Teal was a fantastic femme illusionist who starred in The Puppet, 1962 French film


  4. When I first saw a photo of Sonne Teal I was convinced she was a woman. When I look at her now I still have to remind myself, "Male,she's male"!

  5. Thank you.. I do love Rago wear here.. so lovely! hug, sara

  6. I love my Rago shapewear and like Carolyn, I'm after a fuller bottom and these pieces do work great!