Monday, January 20, 2020

Aaron Hernandez

Friday night, I watched all three episodes of Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, a Netflix documentary that examines how Aaron Hernandez went from a pro football star to a convicted killer. (I started the evening off watching The Hustle, a comedy starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, but it was so bad that I switched to Netflix after watching about 30 minutes of the Hathaway-Wilson stinker.)

I don't usually watch documentaries or news stories about murderers, but I have some personal connections to the the Hernandez story.

Besides Hernandez being a New England Patriot and me being a Patriots fan, he lived just down the road from me, so his old stomping grounds were my stomping grounds. A friend of mine was his Little League coach and the son of another acquaintance was one of his best friends. The Hernandez family doesn't know me from Eve, but I used to encounter his brother grocery shopping of all places! That's why I watched the program.

I enjoyed seeing nearby places in the film including the grocery store where I used to run into Hernandez's brother, but otherwise, the film presented a very sad story. Besides being beaten by his abusive father, Aaron had to hide deep in the closet because he was a homosexual.

How many of us experienced life in the closet? My parents were far from abusive and never beat me, but I hid in the closet because I thought that coming out to them as trans would disappoint them to say the least.

Older and a little wiser now, I realize that my parents loved me unconditionally and that they would have been ok with my big secret. In fact, I am sure my mother knew about it and tried to meet me half way to talk about it to the day she died.

I so regret not accepting her invitation, but it was only after she passed that I realized what she was trying to do. What a dumbbell I was!

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Chelsea and Walker

Paolo Ballesteros, Christian Bables, Martin del Rosario
Femulating Paolo Ballesteros, Christian Bables and Martin del Rosario in the 2019 Filipino film The Panti Sisters


  1. Paolo Ballesteros is probably the most famous female impersonators in The Philippine Islands. He's done quite a few films, but now that he's doing better produced ones like the one Stana has provided a photo from and "Die Beautiful" there doesn't seem to be a way to get them in the USA. I hope I'm wrong -- is there anyone who knows how to get a copy of these newer films?

    Ballesteros is famous for doing celebrity impersonations and is quite the expert with cosmetics. I dug up a URL that shows him winning the Best Actor award tor "Die Beautiful" at the Tokyo Film Festival. He accepted his (her??) award presenting as Julia Roberts. There are three videos in this link.

    If I hadn't already seen LaVerne Cummings, Paolo Ballesteros is the female impersonator I'd like to be when I grow up!

    1. He also appeared at the festival as a dead ringer for Angelina Jolie.