Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Smile, Smile, Smile

When I started femulating in public, I was afraid that people would recognize me as a crossdresser. As a result, I looked and acted as if I had something to hide; I walked with my head down, looked away quickly if I saw someone looking at me and I avoided encounters with teenagers, with males, with anybody!

People who noticed, might wonder why I was acting as if I had something to hide and when they looked closer, they might figure out why ― because I was a guy crossdressing in public.

I was outing myself!

Once I figured out the error of my ways, I was determined not to out myself again. Since then, I have followed three rules that have helped me achieve that goal:

1.  Act as if you belong, so walk tall and strut your stuff.

2.  Don't look away furtively if other people look at you. Do the opposite: look back at them and disarm them with a smile.

3.  You are a beautiful woman and you should be happy about it, so smile, smile, smile.

Source: Pinterest
(Source: Pinterest)

Ms. Sindi
Ms. Sindi's favorite Halloween costume photo
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  1. Janet YbarraOctober 18, 2018

    Great advice! I know I had the same issues initially, too. It's a matter of being comfortable with yourself and accepting yourself.

  2. Nie garbić się
    Nie skakać przez kałuże
    Nie oglądać się za dziewczynami :)

  3. I always say that my FFS is a Fast, Friendly Smile. A real smile shows in your eyes, not just from your mouth, by the way - whether you're Irish or not, "'tis like the morn in Spring.":-)

  4. It's remarkable that when you smile at other women, they smile back and that smile is an ice breaker. Claire does it much more than when in male mode!