Friday, October 26, 2018

Leaf it to me

Last year, the fall leaf count on my little acre was 16,730,421. This year, the leaf count will probably be about the same because the tree count did not change.

I go out twice a week to deal with the fall. My fallen leaf weapons include a rake, an electric handheld blower and a gas-powered wheeled blower.

The handheld blower has a narrow concentrated field of blow, whereas the wheeled blower has a wider field of blow. So I first use the handheld to move leaves that are stuck in nooks and crannies and then I use the wheeled blower to move leaves to the leaf hills and ridges in the woods that surround my property. (I avoid using the rake if at all possible.)

Depending on how thorough I am, it takes 90 minutes to two hours to do the job. Add another 30 minutes if I wear heels instead of flats.

Source: Metrostyle
Wearing Metrostyle (Source: Metrostyle)

Julie Shaw
Julie Shaw's favorite Halloween costume was magical!
(Send me a photo of your all-time favorite Halloween femulation and I will post it here, too.)


  1. So, 2.5 hours mostly. ;)

  2. Ahhh. But you look fabulous in the heels, and that alone is worth the extra half hour. ^_^

  3. AND the stiletto heels help pick up the leaves! Just walk around... Velma

  4. Oh, but the fall colors are so pretty on the East Coast. It's only a half day of drudgery per week...

  5. I femulated her! I went to a Shakespeare theatre presentation yesterday in a lace dress similar to the one shown (but a cobalt blue one piece). Bell sleeves. Same hem length. Same neck line. Wore slip shorts underneath to smooth out my outline. Got the dress at Macy's for a song. I wore minimal jewelry, careful to wear nothing that could snag the lace. The lady next to me, even before she sat down, complimented me on how beautiful I looked in it. She said she wished that she had dressed up for the occasion after seeing me. Other nearby ladies seemed to agree.

    The entire row that I sat in was all women (and at least one femulator, of course). We were all smiles as we tripped over each other getting to our seats. The small talk was definitely different than when guys are around as was their discussion on the play.