Thursday, October 11, 2018

When in Versailles...

Yesterday, I purchased the Kindle edition of A Treasury of Royal Scandals for $1.99. I figured that there had to be a few femulators in the book and sure enough, I hit pay dirt: Philippe, Duc d’Orleans, who was the brother of France's King Louis XIV.

According to the book, Philippe was gay and "was forever dressing like a woman" and "loved putting himself on dazzling display, sashaying his way through the gilded halls of Versailles."

When I read that, I recalled featuring a photo from the French television series Versailles that I featured in the Femulator spot back in October 2016. The photo showed actor Alexander Vlahos in female garb.

At the time, I assumed that Versailles was fiction and the writers included some crossdressing to spicen things up. Little did I know that the actor was portraying an real historical figure, Philippe, Duc d’Orleans.

Live and learn.

Whereas Alexander Vlahos' portrayed Philippe as a tall, thin femulator, the book claims that Philippe was actually "short and pot bellied.”

By the way, the only other femulator I could find in the book was France's King Henri III, but that's another story.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Cinq A Sept dress and Francesco Russo sandals (Source: Intermix)

Alexander Vlahos
Alexander Vlahos (left) portrays Philippe, Duc d’Orleans in the French television series Versailles.


  1. Hi Stana,

    You are probably aware of the Chevalier d'Éon who was l'Homme but dressed as La Femme? If not, an interesting true story in: "Monsieur d'Éon is a Woman". Hugs, Tanit

  2. Hi there, I do know of a count that dressed the same as Queen Anne at a ball she attended. It was the reason they say he was sent to be governor aboard.

  3. I would love to be able to wear an outfit like the ones in the top and bottom pictures

  4. Janet YbarraOctober 12, 2018

    I guess short and pot-bellied wouldn't attract the ratings?

  5. Janet YbarraOctober 12, 2018

    On another topic, depending where you live--particularly in the red states--there is an ongoing attempt to purge voter rolls or in other ways make it harder to vote.

    Now would be a good time to check if you are on an active voter roll or make sure you have the acceptable ID in states (again, mostly red States) which require a certain form of ID to vote.

    They say this is the "Year of the Women," both in terms of candidates and voter turnout as well.

    Well, that means us, girls. Get ready and VOTE.

  6. Spicen? We're doing Middle English today?

  7. A little more of the story...When Phillippe was born, the boys' mother decided that Louis would be king, no further questions asked. She raised Louis to be the great king that he became. But in an age when kings exterminated any competition, she wanted to find a way to ensure a long and prosperous life for her younger son. She understood men's minds better than most people in history. She chose femulation as the means to her goal. Phillippe was the consummate femulator while retaining his identity as the king's brother. He possessed a talented military mind and was successful on the battlefield, but he never challenged Louis for the throne, never gave even a hint of that. He far preferred femulation and made no pretense otherwise. Both sons lived long, nearly twice as long as the average age of men of their time. Their mother not only understood femulation. She understood heterosexual femulation long before doctors had a clue. Phillippe became the "grandfather of the crowned heads of Europe". He is in the ancestry of most of them. Louis is not.