Monday, October 15, 2018

Means to an End

In response to my offer to Ask Me Anything, Romney wrote, "How cognizant are you of underclothing, your so-called 'unmentionables,' during the day? Are you constantly aware or are there lapses while you're engaged in activities?"

When I am dressed as a woman, I am seldom cognizant of my unmentionables.

I typically wear a longline bra and a girdle. I like the way that they look on me and I like the shape that they give me, but they are not a turn-on.

Once I put them on, I forget about them unless something causes discomfort, for example, a too-tight bra strap digging into my shoulder. Otherwise, if my unmentionables are doing their job, they become my "invisibles."

Romney also asked, "Are you 'dressed' to some degree each day?"

I am not "dressed" to some degree each day. I only dress when I go out or when I am trying to put together an outfit to wear or when a new garment is delivered and I want to see how it looks and fits. I love wearing women's clothing, but like my unmentionables, they are not a turn on. Rather, they are a means to an end and that end is being a woman.

My wife married a man, not a woman, so I pretend I am a man most of the time. I am only a woman when I am not with my wife. Sounds like I am living a lie when I pretend to be a man and I guess I am, but I am committed to my marriage and so it goes.

Wearing Versace
Wearing Versace

Nancy Ng
Nancy Ng's Pan Am stewardess Halloween costume was her favorite.
(Send me a photo of your all-time favorite Halloween femulation and I will post it here, too.)


  1. I don't see it as a lie to wear what makes us feel normal. We wear the clothes that we feel most comfortable. I don't always wear my invisables as you put it, but then what woman wears her's all the time.

    As you pointed out, our wives married a man who is aware of our feminine side. Speaking for myself, I wear my female clothes whenever I'm not with her so that she can feel comfortable in our relationship. When we are attending the LGBTQ functions that we support, I am dressed more androgenously because I feel the need to express myself in that way. I only dress fully as a woman when I go out with my girlfriends or occasionally during the day when she's at work.

    So I don't see it as living a lie, it's how we find comfort in living our lives.

  2. My would not appreciate it if I were to wear women's undies on a daily basis either. I only do so when I dress to go out. The only exception is when I wear pantyhose for warmth in our cold Canadian winter. On a different subject, I love your Halloween picture! The dress is beautiful and IMO looks great on you!

  3. I appreciate the questioner on her query on ones awareness of literally, 'compression garments'. As a femulator, I really enjoy the compression feel of womens undergarments. I could just as easily purchase a 'man girdle', but I am simply not motivated. However, just as with any physical stimulation, the compression feel fades over time.
    There are actual therapies involving compression garments and 'swaddling blankets' as remedy for feelings related to anxiety. You probably have seen the 'Thunder Shirt' marketed for dogs who have anxiety problems during thunderstorms. I will freely admit that I experience a 'calmative state' while wearing compressive garments, a favorite being a longline bra with heavy breastforms and girdle. I have often referred my crossdressing at our support group as 'my altered state of consciousness'. Here is a link to similar therapies, referred to 'deep touch therapy'.

  4. Interesting comments. I wear a high waisted girdle (Rago) and a longline bra over, buttoned together, in the old days called corset govenors. There is no doubt the firm support is quite constricting but a constant buzz and welcome!