Monday, October 29, 2018

Flu-Like Symptoms

Throughout my adult life, I never had the flu and never bothered getting a flu shot.

Last winter, I caught the flu for the first time and when the symptoms peaked on a Friday night, my daughter took me to the ER. The hospital sent me home with a prescription and I recovered quickly. However, with people my age dropping like flies all around me from the flu, I promised myself that I would get a flu shot this fall.

I got a flu shot last week and a few days later, I began to feel lousy.

I felt so lousy that I skipped two Halloween parties, thus missing an opportunity to wear the new costume that I assembled for the holiday. So I packed the costume away for next year and so it goes.

Source: New York & Company
Wearing New York & Company (Source: New York & Company)

Joey's favorite Halloween picture is possibly the only Halloween picture of him crossdressed when he volunteered to work in a store on Halloween 2010. You can read all about it here on Joey's blog.
(Send me a photo of your all-time favorite Halloween femulation and I will post it here, too.)


  1. I also got the flu shot last week (it stung this year...). The only time that I ever got sick from one was when it was administered via nasal spray - never again! Too bad about the Halloween costume but there is always next year. I have no plans this year and so have no costume :-(

  2. The Red Sox won, anyway, so that should have lifted your spirits!

  3. Joey is a rarely seen variant of our interest, the man who wears female clothes whilst staying in male mode and making no attempt to look like a woman
    Non TG women do it all the time with pants and tops
    They make sure they are not mistaken for men
    I think you were unlucky with your flu shot, I have had them for ten years and no problems so far

  4. Umm...every time I get a flu shot, I get the flu. Always. Never at a good time, of course. Doctor says it's a coincidence - "you can't get the flu from a flu shot." But I haven't had either for the last 3 years. Got my fingers crossed that my luck holds out.


  5. THE FLU SHOT THINKING FLAW: Persons who feel lousy after the flu shot were probably infected with the ACTUAL FLU VIRUS FROM THE ENVIRONMENT before receiving the flu vaccine. THEN the flu victim mistakenly blames the vaccine and avoids future shots. BIG MISTAKE. Think: 1919 'Swine Flu', killed 30 million persons, including my paternal grandmother, age 26,was dead in a single day.
    I write this in memory of un-vaccinated (in spite of the fact that our insurance covered the shot 100% before the mandate) coworker Danny who got the flu and somehow the virus ended up in his heart muscle. He died at a young age from heart failure cause by the virus.
    I get the shot and get a: extra weeks pay for unused sick days, OR b:extra weeks PAID 'vacation'. Velma

  6. Don't forget the 1919 flu pandemic killed more people than World War 1