Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Stuff Happens

Happy Halloween!

This is the first Halloween in awhile that I have not dressed pretty for the occasion. But, as they say, "stuff happens." Things have been VERY hectic around here the past few days and I have had almost zero time for anything related to femulating. I have not even had time to answer my mail, but I hope to catch up with that by the end of the day.

So I apologize to my readers who show up here every day to find something fresh (pun intended) only to find Monday's post at the top of the page.

Source: Pinterest
I love this outfit! (Found it on Pinterest.)

Didi commented on her Halloween costume, "Got a ton of smiles as Harley Quinn, even from my wife."


  1. It's a good thing that you decided to cut back on your posts, LOL.

  2. Dear Stana,

    Congratulations to your World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. Three ex-Tampa Bay Rays players (David Price, Nathan Eovaldi, and Steve Pearce) were quite prominent in the Series. Aside from our mutual love of femulating, you and I share a love of Major League Baseball.



  3. Perhaps Didi can offer a great backstory to the photo with the major cool photo. Velma

  4. hectic? 3 days hangover from celebrating Red Sox win?

  5. I had a plan for Halloween. I didn't succeed in doing every item on my list.
    Step one: Go to work Femulating. Passed. In 4" stilettos from 7:30 AM to 2:45 pm. Our office's new manager said that "if you can manage wearing those all day, you'll earn my absolute respect."
    Step two: Volunteer at our non-profit group's space at a "Trunk or Treat" event. Passed with flying colors! And I saw many of our customers at the event, recognized by some.

    Step three: "Get Out to Vote" Femulating. Fail. Not by my choice though. had no idea that the polling place closed at 6:00 pm. We were at the Trunk or Treat until 6:10. D'oh!

    Step four: We topped off the night with dinner at a local casino. Our friend went to the promotions booth and returned telling me that the casino was holding a costume contest... long story short, I won second place! $50 in comp play.
    And... I did get bonus points for Femulating at the grocery store, buying candy before work.

    I'm totally bummed that I couldn't vote yesterday. My wife suggested that I go today, dressed up. I'm not sure... Maybe I'll suggest tomorrow after work, I can say I'm going to a late Halloween party!

    I work in an office with 23 women, one male and me. Usually, I am at the reception desk but I was not up front due to a co-worker's vacation time. The women raved about my look. They said that the colors of the dress were perfect with my complexion and looked great on me. I was repeatedly asked where I bought it. Dress Barn clearance rack! I also got compliments on my "great legs" from the female co-workers. I really felt love from the women at work yesterday! I think I shocked some of the women with my pierced ears, too.


    ps. Stana, thanks for being such a fantastic role model and your hard work with

    1. Heather, today, I 'stopped by' your blog. I found it open, honest and real. Keep up the journey, as you see fit. Velma

    2. Thank you Velma! I have been neglecting my blog, but this week has given me some real confidence. I plan to start adding to it again.

      Also, I HAVE to share the best thing ever! Today is the last day of early voting in NV. I rushed home, changed into my lovely and prize winning dress, stockings, heels and not so nice wig and met my wife at the polling place to cast my ballot. I may have been "looked at" by people but HEATHER CAST HER VOTE! I will forward a photo of me wearing my "I voted sticker" to Stana.

  6. Thanks, Velma! Who didn't love Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad? And the hair tendrils over the face help hide a male brow ridge, while heavy, smeared makeup hides other weaknesses in genetic and makeup application skills.

    Strangers were remarkably friendly. One guy in a restaurant asked for a photo with me, and a couple women wanted to talk about the where I got the boots (I just applied electrical tape over regular white boots) and how I managed to walk in them.

    A fun day!

    I'm not as "well-preserved" as Stana is, but thought I looked pretty good for (then) 57 years old.