Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Part Time

On Monday, Joanna's Musings From My Everyday Life was a breath of fresh air. In that blog post, she refers us to a YouTube video by a twenty- or thirty-something crossdresser who talks about why she chose not to transition and why living as a woman part time is good enough for her. I highly recommend that you go to Joanna's post and follow her link to watch the video.

After viewing the video, I think I was a little hard on myself when I wrote in yesterday's post, "My wife married a man, not a woman, so I pretend I am a man most of the time. I am only a woman when I am not with my wife. Sounds like I am living a lie when I pretend to be a man and I guess I am..."

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe (Source: Bebe)

Nicole wore her favorite costume to a Royal Canadian Legion Halloween party "many moons ago"
(Send me a photo of your all-time favorite Halloween femulation and I will post it here, too.)


  1. She is very convincing and talks a lot of sense about making sure transitioning is right for some one before they start on hormones

  2. Jade's (used to go by Paige) video was great in that she found herself before committing to fully transitioning. As she pointed out, there a few girls that listen to all the postings and blogs without really realizing that fully transtioning is not really for them. Unfortunately, there are some that skip the important steps like counseling and dive head long into HRT.

    I watched her followup video that told how she came out to her wife. I can say that it was almost identical to my coming out to my spouse. I found that once I was totally honest with mine, she understood a lot better as to who I was. It was my wife that convinced me to finally seek counseling to fully realize where I stand in life.

    Today, I am more gender fluid and love my wife even more because she allows me to be comfortable with who I am.

  3. Jade speaks wisdom. I have been dealing with this issue for MANY years. I have never wanted to fully transition, but even after making this as clear as I can, I STILL get sisters pushing me to do it. I chose that word on purpose. They haven't been "suggesting", they haven't been "encouraging", they have been PUSHING. Like I'm not true to myself unless I do. I feel I am where I need to be right now -- a cross dresser, a part time woman. And anyone who tries to tell me otherwise is trying to justify their own decisions by PUSHING me into a similar one.

  4. I have been on estradiol valerate for over 7 years and continue to be on it. I have developed a feminine figure with a bra size of 40DD, and my hair length is below my shoulders. I was contemplating changing my name to Johanna but I have decided to keep my name of John and I now prefer masculine pronouns. And yes, I wear dresses around the house and sleep in nightgowns. HOWEVER I have a masculine bass voice which I do not want to change.

    So I look like a woman but I regard myself as a man with the name of John.

  5. I think this boy express that many of us think. You can be woman when you feel it.

  6. Julie
    I have seen that problem on British TG forum
    I alwas say " go as far as you feel comfortable with and do not under any circumstances let any one push you further
    As a woman you can always change your mind

  7. Julie M ShawOctober 17, 2018

    Thank you, Lucy.