Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Local War on Transgenders

At least one candidate for office in Connecticut is on the wrong side of the War on Transgenders: Rob Sampson who is running for State Senator from my district, Connecticut State Senate District 16, which includes the towns of Prospect, Southington, Wolcott, the north end of Cheshire and the east end of Waterbury (see the map).

Sampson is a four-term State Representative representing the 80th State House District. He is trying to jump to the Senate now that his fellow traveler, Senator Joe Markley, is running for Lieutenant Governor.

Sampson has a long record of introducing legislation and voting for legislation that negatively affects his transgender and LGB constituents.

Vickie Nardello for State Senate
His House Bill (HB) 5193 stated that “health insurance policies delivered, issued for delivery, renewed, amended or continued in this state shall not be required to provide coverage for gender reassignment surgery or related surgical expenses.”

He voted against HB 6695, which banned the controversial practice of using therapy to alter a young person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

He voted against HB 6599, which prohibited discrimination based on gender identity or expression.

Also, Sampson has consistently voted against women's rights legislation.

If you live in Connecticut State Senate District 16, I strongly urge you to vote for Vickie Nardello for State Senate and send Rob Sampson packing.

Source: Bebe
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  1. Janet YbarraOctober 23, 2018

    I'm so sorry you have to worry about this cretin. It's surprising because, like me, you live in a blue state.

    I would suggest doing all you can for Ms Nardello, canvassing, phone calls, etc.

  2. I feel that laws which define terms in order to exclude are inherently unconstitutional.
    Yes, I do belong to the ACLU. I believe that the right to assert YOUR RIGHTS takes NOTHING from ANYONE. Such action merely confirms others right to do same.
    I am getting a FULL BELLY of all this hate...... Velma

  3. Janet YbarraOctober 23, 2018

    But seriously, this guy sounds more like he belongs in Alabama, not Connecticut. From what I remembered of most New England Republicans, they were mostly of the gentle, country club set---not fire and brimstone.

  4. Stana, it's your blog, obviously, and your final decision. But may I please suggest that anonymous comments no longer be allowed?

    Anyone can say anything when hiding under a cloak of anonymity. (And cloaks of anonymity aren't even pretty.)

    1. Thank you for the good suggestion, Janet!