Tuesday, October 17, 2017

You Never Know!

National Coming Out Day came and went last Wednesday. I did not do any coming out and I was not on the receiving end of any coming outs. Then surprise! On Sunday I received an email from a friend who announced that she is a transwoman.

She is a ham radio friend. I met her about six years ago at the Dayton Hamvention and since then, we have exchanged emails on ham radio topics and I see her every year at Hamvention. She has never met my male secret identity and only knows me as Stana, but she knows I am trans and has always been supportive.

I would have never guessed that she was trans. She had a strong male personality — not macho, but decidedly masculine — a man's man. There was not a hint of femininity in her speech, dress or mannerisms.

I was very surprised and I was very happy for her. I congratulated her on coming out and added that we will have a lot to talk about next time we meet up.

You never know!

Source: Tory Burch
Wearing Tory Burch (Source: Tory Burch)

Circa 1963, a femulator touches up her makeup. This Pinterest find looks like Casa Susanna, but I cannot confirm that as a fact.
Circa 1963, a femulator touches up her makeup. This Pinterest find looks like Casa Susanna, but I cannot confirm that as a fact. 


  1. Well here is the original post:

  2. Tgirls often hide their feminine side by presenting a stong masculine personality
    Sometimes they overdo it
    she got it just right

  3. Every time Coming Out Day comes around, I feel like the biggest coward on earth. It’s just clothes! Why am I so afraid to just lay it out there and damned be they who can’t deal with it?! Nevertheless, I succumb to the fear and Kermit between myself and a small circle of friends. Sigh. There’s always next year.

  4. i recognised this pic whilst doing an archive trawl of femulate. it is a vintage one of laurie-ann allen from arizona, who going by her flickr account is still an active dresser more than half a century later: