Monday, October 23, 2017

When it rains...

Saturday, I will get glammed up to attend One Big Event, the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective's annual fundraiser, which includes a cocktail hour, dinner and dancing to a live band. It is a dress-up affair; men in suits and women in party dresses.

Instead of having nothing to wear, I have two new dresses to wear and I cannot make up my mind!

Both are scuba midi sheaths that I purchased from Dress Barn.

I already mentioned one in an earlier post. Oddly, that dress, a wine "sexy slit foil midi," has yet to appear on the Dress Barn website, but I did find it on the ECI New York website.

The other dress, a teal "brushstroke scuba midi," is on the Dress Barn website and both dresses appear in the Femulatee spot below.

The wine dress may be more special occasion than the teal dress, so I am leaning towards wearing the wine, but I won't make up my mind until I compare the two side by side. I had to order the teal dress online because they did not have my size in the local Dress Barn. Ultimately, I may have no choice because I may not even have the teal dress in time for the event.

Source: Dress Barn and ECI New York
Wearing Dress Barn (Source: Dress Barn and ECI New York)

Barbra Anne Taylor
Barbra Anne Taylor femulates a nurse for Halloween.

(Send me your Halloween costume photo and see it in the Femulator spot like Barbra's photo today.)


  1. I vote for the wine ~ the side cut accentuates your legs and the color brings the fall foliage to mind

  2. Although I like them both, IMHO the wine dress would be the better choice for a glitzy occasion since it is shiny. I'm sure you'll look good in whichever you choose. :-)


  3. Stana:

    Hands down, it's the wine dress for this event. You'll kick yourself if you don't start fall off with a beautiful statement dress like that!! So frustrating that my current weight/size precludes me from purchasing that dress -- I LOVE IT!

    So, what's it gonna be?

    Enjoy the One Big Event in you wine dress.

    Vicariously yours,


  4. The wine definitely :)

  5. I like them both, but agree that the wine will be more appropriate for the occasion. Hope to see pictures of whichever one you wear!

  6. Love the wine dress because of the slit and don't conside it just a special occasion dress. A perfect example of hy you don't need a short skirt to look sexy. A slit skirt will do it every time especially since most crossdressers have great legs. And for Rhonda - that dress may not fit you but there a plenty of sexy slit dresses and skirts for plus-size gals too. You all might enjoy an article did some time ago on slit skirts for TG Forum