Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sunday Shorts and Longs

Friday, I made the rounds around town – bank, gas station, Rite Aid.

Nothing unusual at the bank – still no free samples.

Filled her up at the gas station and after I paid up, the cashier and I gossiped. I used to see her once a week and now see her once a month since I retired and don't commute to work everyday.

As I began exiting the premises, she said that with Halloween fast approaching, she had thought of me buying gas on my way to work en femme last Halloween. She added that it would be hard to top last year's costume.

I replied, "I'll try!"

Picked up some vitamins and Nail at Rite Aid and as I was cashing out, I overheard a woman say that she was on her way to the book sale. I guessed that the town library was having a book sale, so I drove by the library on my way home and sure enough, the parking lot was filling up. So I parked my car and headed in. As luck would have it, the sale started at 10 AM and it was exactly 10:05, so the selection of sale items had not been picked over yet.

Most of the books were brand new or very highly read and at $1 per softcover, $2 per hardcover, how could you go wrong. I picked up three books. A ham radio book, a coffee table book about Warner Brothers' cartoons and a book about circus sideshows, titled American Sideshow by Marc Hartman.

I bought the sideshow book because I thought there might be some mention of female impersonators. Perusing the book last night, I did not find anything specifically about female impersonators, but there were some mentions of hermaphrodites, half men-half women, which were popular sideshow attractions in the first half the 20th century. It seems that most of the half men-half women were actually female impersonators or should I say, half-female impersonators, and not true hermaphrodites. Who knew!

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You may have noticed the Vote for Me! image in the upper right hand corner of this blog. Click on it and it takes you to a Danish dating site where you can vote for your favorite transgender blog. The votes will be compiled to determine the Gender Blogs Award for 2017. A cash award goes to the top vote getters, so please vote for you know who.

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Dhruv, a trans ally, has partnered with Trans Lifeline to create a public art project for Trans Awareness Week. Dhruv writes, " We need your help getting the word out to make this project a reality."

So check out

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Bill emailed me this great tip for painting fake nails.

"I make two loops of one inch wide masking tape, sticky side out... each wide enough to hold five finger nails. Stick the loops to a table or piece of paper. Carefully place new fingernails on the sticky masking tape.

"You can easily give each nail several coats of polish. When dry, just remove nails from masking tape and put in container until ready to wear."

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Also, a number of readers recommended imPRESS press-on fake nails over the Kiss stick-on fake nails (both brands are made by the same company). I actually purchased a set of imPRESS nails some time ago, but never used them because I had buyer's remorse and did not like the color of the nails that I bought. So I will have to revisit the imPRESS selection and try a different color.

Source: Wolf & Badger
Wearing Wolf & Badger (Source: Wolf & Badger)

Unknown femulator found on Pinterest: Isn't she lovely?
Emma Ross Unknown femulator found on Pinterest: Isn't she lovely?


  1. Had a remarkable Saturday. Wife and I were dressing for our Thai lunch date, when I complained I had no clean briefs... She flippantly said she had plenty of clean panties, and she would offer them if they fit! I mentioned that other women had me wear panties, so why not you? I immediately took her up on the offer, took the panties from her and put them on. Yes, they fit, but somehow, I KNEW they would ;-). She didn't say another word, we went to lunch.... BTW, she ain't gettin' the panties back! ncmarko age 64

  2. Her name is Emma Ross, indeed she´s very lovely...
    You can find more of her pictures on flickr:

  3. Her name is Emma Ross. You may find her easily on Flickr.
    Kiss from Paris and thank you for your brightness.

  4. The femulator is Emma Ross, a Scottish lady. She is absolutely stunning, check out

  5. Emma Ross, Edinburgh, Scotland

  6. Not unknown. That is Emma Ross from Scotland

  7. I secure my nails to be painted with little dots of Blutack to newpaper and spray them with car paint! Fast, easy, colourful.

  8. Emma Ross a Scottish beauty. Transexual not Femulator unfortunately.

  9. Dear Stana,

    I just voted for FEMULATE. I only submitted one vote because I couldn't find any statements with the voting rules. The voting does not ask for any information from the voter (like name or email address). This "PROBABLY" means that there's no limit on the number of votes from one person. However, not being an expert on how a website might detect a "person" by IP address, I chose to submit just one vote this time, and ask you if you think multiple votes are allowed. When I read your reply, if you say multiple votes are allowed, I'll be happy to wear out my mouse by clicking many times.



    1. Hi Sheila,

      I am not aware of any voting rules, but the website only allows you to vote once. After you vote, the website stores a cookie (or somesuch) in your browser, so that next time you try to vote, the website detects the cookie and won't let you vote again. There are workarounds... delete the cookie from your browser, use a different browser or use different devices (another computer, a tablet a smartphone) to vote.

      Best Wishes,


  10. Someone has just told me to visit your blog. I'm thrilled to see my photo here and amazed at how many people knew me well enough to give you my name.