Sunday, October 8, 2017

Tea Time

Wearing a simply beautiful dress from Simply Be
Wearing a simply beautiful dress from Simply Be

Friday afternoon, I went to Tea Roses Tea Room in Cromwell to attend a tea with three of my trans friends: Diana, Maryann and Robin.

I was dying to wear my new dress from Simply Be and this was the perfect occasion for it. According to the Simply Be website, "This Wolf & Whistle embroidered dress has a fitted body and loose fit skater skirt. The detailed floral embroidery and cap sleeves make this a cute day to evening piece." I accessorized with silver jewelry, black patent pumps, black bag and black tights. I thought my outfit looked amazing.

Yes, the hemline was short, but when did that ever hold me back? My wife must be mellowing. Usually she lets me know in a negative way when my skirt is too short, but on Friday she said she liked the look of the dress and even though the hemline was short, I had the legs to pull it off. (It was music to my ears!).

I drove to the tea room, met up with the girls and spent a leisurely afternoon attending a tea.

As I wrote after my previous visits to the tea room, it was a very feminine adventure. All of the customers and all of the staff were female and the room was beautifully appointed in a most feminine manner. We were referred to as "ladies" and treated as ladies by our hostess. It was all very nice and I highly recommend the experience.

During the afternoon, another table of ladies kept stealing glances at me. I don't know if they were trying to figure out if they had a transwoman or a ravishing beauty (or both) in their midst, but when I finally made eye contact with one of them, she smiled broadly and I returned the favor. I hope I made a good impression.

Source: Simply Be
Wearing Simply Be (Source: Simply Be)

Jiang Du
Jiang Du femulating in the 2016 Chinese film Miss High Heels.


  1. looking lovely

  2. Julie M ShawOctober 08, 2017

    The eternal question - how short is TOO short. My answer, if you have the legs for it -- NOTHING is too short.

  3. I just recently created my own Transgendered blog all real stories from my own life and journey to womanhood. Would love if youd share with your subscribers.

  4. Dear Stana,

    You look SO LOVELY and feminine in this gorgeous dress. I adore wearing dresses or skirts with the fuller skirts. I love the way they swish and sway as I move. I think fuller skirts look more feminine than pencil skirts or tight skirts or dresses. I love the way fuller skirts drape over the sides of a chair. Having just stated my opinion that fuller skirts appear more feminine to me, I must clarify ... I do also enjoy wearing pencil skirts or other straight skirts and dresses ... they feel so different from fuller skirts when walking or sitting down. One of the most fun features of women's clothing is the diversity of shapes and fabrics compared to the far less diverse selection of boring menswear.

    When I'm just dressing for a single session of going out "en femme", I usually will wear a fuller dress or skirt. When I attend a multi-day conference as Sheila, it's fun to change outfits 2 or 3 times each day, and alternate between full skirts/dresses and tight straight skirts/dresses.

    I ENJOY BEING A GIRL! There's really nothing like it!



  5. She's (Stana) got nice legs, so why NOT show em?
    If I am going to 'dress-up' en-femme. I an gonna show some LEG! If I am wearing PANTS, I might as well dress in GUY mode. I am 64 years old and still have great gams, as several women have commented; so why NOT show em off? ncmarko