Wednesday, October 25, 2017


The first time I bought womenswear, I used the excuse that I was buying items for a Halloween costume. The excuse seemed to work, so I used it for years to expand milady's wardrobe.

In retrospect, I don't think I was fooling anyone. How many guys bother buying a bra and girdle to wear under a girly Halloween costume? Or buy an expensive wig for one night?

There was only one wig shop in my neck of the woods and I went back there three Halloweens in a row to buy expensive wigs for my "costumes." (What did I do — throw the wigs away every November 1?) It was a one-woman shop, so every year the same woman sold me my wig. I don't think I was fooling her much after my second purchase, but she never let on.

By the way, buying a girly costume off the rack is a hit or miss proposition. I found most costumes run small. Whereas XL womenswear always fits me, XL women's costumes usually don't come close. Only once did I have luck size-wise buying a woman's costume off the rack — a French Maid costume I bought at K-Mart in the early 1990's.

And so it goes.

Source: Bebe
Wearing Bebe (Source: Bebe)

Nancy Ng
Nancy Ng femulates a lady pirate for Halloween.

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  1. Need an excuse to purchase 'girl gear'? NO. Just do it. As long as MONEY is changing hands, nooobody cares!
    Sunday I purchased a great looking womans suit at a thrift store, went home and got enfemme in same and got into my pickup truck went shopping at Stein Mart, then went to a Chinese buffet for sushi, then on to Dress Barn. The only regret was I didnt go Kohls. Later I returned a 2piece dress to Ross. (Ross CROSS-dress for Less!). This was in N.C and I am 6'-0" & 210#'s. No problems. a GREAT Sunday

    1. No excuses needed today, but back in the 1960s, life was not as diverse as it is today.

    2. Although back around 1990 I crossed dressed regularly, however very deep in the closet, I went to a local department store women's section and purchased my first fem article. It was some makeup and the funniest part it was for my wife! I felt so sure that every alarm would go off and security would have on tape and somehow I would be outed. My wife had told me what I needed to ask for as well as which counter to go to. I told the associate what I wanted and she quickly retrieved the items. She then brought the receipt and credit card to me as I held my hand out to take them from her, she placed the card and receipt in my hand. Simultaneously she took her other hand, placing it under my hand and embracing my hand with both of her hands in such a caring manner and the warmest smile. So I think I was "outed" anyway!! :))

    3. That is a heartwarming story, Lee!