Friday, October 27, 2017

Shopping in the Good Old Days

Back in my youth during the Mesozoic Era, buying womenswear was stressful.

As I wrote here on Wednesday, the Halloween excuse alleviated some of the stress, so I used that cover story the whole month of October and even during September.

But what did I do the other ten months of the year?

I recall shopping for a dress in a plus-size woman's store in downtown Waterbury. It was a local mom and pop shop and not a chain store like Lane Bryant. Actually, it was a mom and daughter shop; they owned the business and also served as the store's sales staff.

Anyway, I used a new cover story: that I was appearing in a contemporary version of "Charley's Aunt" at my school.

The mother and daughter were initially intrigued with my story and asked me questions about the stage production... questions that I was not prepared to answer. As a result, my cover story fell apart, but the ladies played along and helped me find a dress to wear in the "play."

When it was time to pay up, the daughter mentioned that their store had a lot of male customers and they were always welcome to shop there.

Like I said, this was back in the Mesozoic Era and I welcomed any resource that was welcoming to girls like me. So I was a return customer until sadly, the store went out of business.

Source: Payless
Wearing Payless (Source: Payless)

Romana Pernaa
Romana Pernaa's Dr. Who Halloween femulation

(Send me your Halloween costume photo and see it in the Femulator spot like Romana's photo above.)


  1. what comic strip is that?

  2. What you do with a dress or jumper and skirt is up to you once you have paid for it
    I think most store staff can work out if you are buying a dress for yourself
    Their only interest is, can they sell you another one?

  3. THat was such a sweet story about the mom and daughter store. I believe in supporting those who support us. Sorry to see so many small shops have to close down. THe times they are a changin' some ways good but not in all ways.

  4. To you youngsters under 60, I believe that's a "Flash Gordon" rocket ship. Check out this video. Look at 4:33 into movie

  5. Tasi
    The ship certainly looks more like Flash Gordon than Doctor Who
    The original 1930s Flash Gordon was available on one of the satellite channels a year or two ago here in the UK

  6. I have just Googled Flash Gordon 1930s Space ship
    The first image that comes up is the one in Romana's picture
    Maybe she is a secret time traveller

  7. Actually, it was Dr. Zarkov's rocket ship. Flash Gordon and Dale Arden were only along for the ride.

  8. Dear Stana,

    You are correct. The rocketship is indeed Dr. Zarkov’s, used in the great, campy, cheesy Flash Gordon serials. This ship traveled between Earth and planet Mongo (ruled by Emperor Ming) in one series, and to Mars in another series. I loved those serials. I actually saw at least one of those series weekly at Saturday kids matinees in theaters in the early 1950’s. Each Saturday, for the number of weeks that matched the number of 20 to 25 minute chapters, one chapter would be shown (along with trailers for coming attractions and a cartoon or two) before the day’s feature. For the kids matinees, the feature was usually a sci-fi film (like THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, FORBIDDEN PLANET, THIS ISLAND EARTH), a Western, or a monster film (like CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON or THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS). Often, there was a double feature. Movie presentations back before the era of the multiplexs were a complete show ... not like the “7 commercials followed by 29 trailers followed by one feature” paradigm of today.


    (from Tampa).

  9. Julie M ShawOctober 31, 2017

    I find it interesting how this post about shopping turned into a game of Name The Rocket. (lol)
    I have become more bold in getting out and shopping, as I have learned that most stores don't really care WHO buys their merchandise.