Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rest in Peace, Holly Boswell

I met Holly Boswell at Fantasia Fair. Her reputation preceded her and I was in awe of Holly. Being a shy girl, I admired her from afar.

Yesterday, I learned that Holly died on August 12. She was only 66 years old and left us too early.

Jennifer Barge wrote a letter to the Asheville, NC, Mountain Xpress announcing Holly's death and describing her life as a transgender activist. Click here to read Jennifer's letter.

God Bless You, Holly.

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  1. Stana thanks so much for posting about Holly. I knew Holly for many conventions going way back. She was always friendly and a pleasure to be with. She many times hosted spiritual discussions and Sunday services. A beautiful person inside and out.

    As I was looking back through old Tapestries just this week, I found many articles by Holly. A true treasure for our community.

  2. I count myself lucky to have known Holly and experienced her kindness. It happened that a group of us were together the night Robert Eads passed away. I was devastated by Robert's loss and Holly sat with me on the sofa, holding and comforting me. At most conferences the joke was, you could easily find Holly by following the smell of incense to whatever seminar Holly was holding. By the way, if you watch the movie "My Fellow Americans," in the scene with the All Dorothy Marching Band marching in the Pride Parade, in the background you can see Holly and Jessica holding a banner Support LGBT Rights. Holly was a beautiful soul. RIP my friend.