Monday, August 7, 2017

Just for Halloween?

Hello Stana,

I have a couple of queries regarding your "fancy dress" work appearances (which iI'm guessing is some kind of white-collar environment):

1 - Don't your colleagues ask you (well, at least female ones anyway, as men might think their masulinity and/or sexuality might be questioned in some way if they did): How come you seem to be very good at turning yourself into a woman and enquire as to if there might be a bit more to it than the occasional halloween appearance?

2 - Do all (or even any) of your female colleagues dress so smartly and glamourously for work? I suspect not in this day and age, where even most offices allow casual wear (which means it's far more likely trousers are worn rather than skirts and dresses).


Gina V


Hi Gina,

1 - Believe it or not, no one, male or female, has ever asked. Some have made humorous comments and some have complimented me on my appearance. I can only recall one snarky comment: one fellow wonderers how I just happened to have all the makings of my costume just for Halloween, inferring that I dressed on other occasions, too.  

2 - There were about 15 females in my office (about 60 males). About half the women are engineers or programmers and they dress casually. The other half are office workers and they dress like office girls. Some (like me) dress nicer than others, so I definitely fit in with the office girls.

Halloween is less than three months away. Although I am semi-retired, some of my former co-workers asked if I would visit them en femme on October 31.

I said I would.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Caroline Constas top, Jonathan Simkhai dress and Giuseppe Zanotti sandals (Source: Intermix)

Bryan Boy
Fashion blogger Bryan Boy femulates Vogue editor Anne Wintour, Halloween 2014

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  1. Hi Stana
    One time my wife & I went to a costume party & everybody said I looked too good not to have dressed before. I would have thought someone would ask about how much clothes do you have & how are you so good at make up