Monday, August 28, 2017

Let's Go Out One More Time

Just some thoughts and comments regarding the previous two posts Let's Go Out and Let's Go Out Again.

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Julie Shaw commented, "It took me a NUMBER of years to venture out, but now I kick myself for not going out earlier."

Same here. I so regret the years wasted in the closet. I can't urge girls enough not to hesitate and go out and enjoy the world as the woman you really are as soon as you can.

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Paula Goodwin commented, "My first step truly outside the closet... I decided that if I didn't wear my glasses I would be harder to recognise."

Your mileage may vary, but I need eyeglasses for long distance, particularly for driving and for short distances (reading and computing). In between, my vision is good enough that I can get away without wearing eyeglasses, so when I am out as a woman, I don't wear them except to drive and read..

In boy mode, I wear eyeglasses almost all the time, so I feel very confident that folks who know the boy me will not recognize the girl me. And more than one encounter in girl mode with civilians who know the boy me, confirm the eyeglass strategy (as can be seen here).

And as they say, "Boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." I think I look more attractive without eyeglasses and you probably do, too.

Source: Boston Proper
Wearing Boston Proper (Source: Boston Proper)

Filip Dizdar
Filip Dizdar femulates Tajฤi on Croatian television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. I can also vouch for the eyeglasses approach, needing them for distance and driving, but not for interaction with people. Even though I still think I look the same, the combination of the wig and no glasses probably makes me unrecognizable to people who know the male me.

  2. The eyeglasses strategy definitely works, even without femulating, a man who wear glasses most of the time will be unrecognizable to friends sans glasses. My only problem is that my myopia is a little serious… without glasses, I'll quickly run into the first pillar I encounter…��

  3. Dear Stana,

    A different "take" on wearing glasses ... I wear glasses in both girl and guy mode. In fact, I wear the same unisex style glasses all the time. I am severely balding with very short hair (the very little I have left). So, the drastic difference of my very limited hair guy self and the feminine wig girl self makes me look quite different.

    I only use mascara and eyeliner, but the glasses do make my eyes "pop" and make them look very feminine (even without eye shadow).


    Sheila from Tampa.

  4. In 'enfemme' mode, I use the "Diana Prince" (aka Wonder Woman) style of oversize lens- 'drop temple' frames to enhance the eyes and cheekbones. I have collected over 50 pair at various thrift stores, and some even were fitted with my prescription! I can match any hair (55 wigs!) with the proper colour of eyeglass frame.
    Yes Diana, there is a whole 'fetish' regarding oversize eyeglass lens on women.... ncmarko
    There are also similar frames with clear lens on Ebay.