Sunday, August 20, 2017

Clerk won't sell clothes to transwoman

After another roller coaster week with the President, this segment of What Would You Do? restored my faith in humanity, at least for a brief moment.

But I wonder, does this ever happen in this day and age?

I have been shopping for women's clothing for nearly 50 years (in boy and girl mode) and have never had an encounter like this. The worst thing that ever happened to me was eons ago, when a JCPenney saleswoman asked me (in boy mode) to use the men's changing room to try on a girdle. Other than that, every salesperson I have encountered was very helpful and encouraged me to try on anything and everything (and spend my money).

Source: Dress Barn
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  1. The video doesn't seem to be available here in the UK, but like you the only issue I have had in years was being asked to use the male changing room once while in male mode. Conversely one day while out shopping with a (Cis) female friend despite a long queue for the female changing rooms we were denied access to the empty male changing rooms.

    1. Paula, if you type in ' WWYD' you will find the programmes website and the video is there. I live in the UK and watched it earlier.
      I hope this is of help.


  2. I have never had a problem with trying on pretty clothes in stores. But then again, I have never tried on clothes at Macy's or any other department stores with separate changing rooms. I remember many years ago seeing a sign by the ladies changing room that stated "Male guests wishing to try on clothes from the women's department will be escorted to the men's dressing rooms" but those signs are long gone. I mostly shop at resale and consignment shops anyways where I can get some lovely things for cheap. I have always felt welcome in those stores and the clerks are helpful and encouraging. They have no qualms about helping a guy with a back zip on a sweet frock, helping coordinate a sweater with a cute print skirt or listening me lament about how I wish I could squeeze into a size 14 party dress. They know all too well how utterly delightful it is to go out skirted and welcome my participation in feminine expression

  3. It's been years to almost never that I have had any problems trying on clothes. In fact, just the opposite has been true.
    When I first began to make my way in the world as a woman, shopping gave me soooo much more confidence!

  4. I have yet to go shopping en femme. Most of my clothing is bought at our local Goodwill clearance store AKA the crazy store. Items that have been the shelves/racks are sent to these stores and sold by the pound, the more you buy the less per pound. There is no fitting room at this store and the single restroom is usually not a place I'd want to be barefoot. The regular thrift stores I visit usually have a row of fitting rooms with no specific gender assigned to them. I bought a nice Worthington suit (blazer and skirt) for my Halloween workday. I told my accomplice that I'm going to be "over the top." I plan on wearing a semi sheer blouse with something in black lace beneath, the suit, half slip, garter belt and seamed stockings and pumps.